Days of Yore…

I’ll admit I have a bit of a Peter Pan condition when it comes to growing up.

I’ve played games A LOT in my days. I still play them.  A lot of the games I play involve strategy and thinking or a great deal of imagination.

Once such game in my younger days was the much Hated and Feared: Dungeons and Dragons.

I miss those days…it’s amazing fun to pretend you are someone else for 4 to 5 hours.  Laugh, smile, talk and eat and drink things that are horrible for your health and figure.

I wrote this a while back as a tribute on FB to my many friends who played those games with me and with whom I still keep in touch.

Pencils, books and papers stained by
condensating drinks and ice.
Bits of crumbled potato chips
scattered amongst the dice.
Standing back to back we fight,
while seated on floors or chairs.
Consulting tomes of rules which tell,
If the battle is Ours or Theirs.
And after the fight we’ll make our way
To the place where brave deeds are said!
And smile as our laughter shakes the rafters,
Of the Tavern inside our heads!

Happy Friday!!


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4 Responses to Days of Yore…

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I never played D&D, I guess I ran with a different crowd. I think I was out of hs before it really caught on.

    • Eric Syrdal says:

      Actually, Ma’am, being a writer you play it all the time. The only difference between D&D and what we do as fictional writers is, you let others play your characters for you. You shape the story by what happens “next” as determined by living breathing characters responding to the problems or situations you have placed in front of them. It really is such a shame that Roleplaying games in general are looked on as taboo. And I’m sure you remember them being labeled as “satanic” and fostering “witchcraft.” Well many of the people I played with did become Wiccans but I don’t ever remember us successfully summoning any demons. Also there were some unfortunate suicides what were blamed on D&D. Like all things though, if you are mentally “not well” when you decided to dive into a game that requires your imagination to power it..some things are not going to end well.

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