My own two hands…..

Been a lot of talk lately around our house about responsibility. Also about what it takes to be happy. Money? Fame? Success?

Times like these I fall back on my understanding that, as a Father, I must do whatever is necessary to make my children understand that if you aren’t happy with yourself. If you do not love yourself. Then nothing in the world will fill that void. And nothing material can save you from loneliness.


I find it hard to understand the complexity of life.

Why some can move through unabated,

And others know naught but strife.

If I could but understand the fault of want,

As it relates to need.

Perhaps I could feel smarter still

When asked why some aspire to greed.

But I know the things I must do

Worth more than fame or gold

The answer lies with my two hands,

And in two tiny souls.

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