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Garden stroll…..

As walking through a gilded garden, I happened upon a rose. And thought, myself, while standing there amongst the verdant trove. That I should take her for myself, and pluck her from her place. And carry her away with me, … Continue reading

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Karma and I get along….

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. It’s been bugging me because I’ve been having feelings like I did on 9/11. I’m saddened by what has been happening.  Sad for family and friends who are now thrown into … Continue reading

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…nor Dragon’s fire,

Found this while patrolling my old Facebook posts: Figured, it’s Wednesday, why not post it. She is the soil beneath my cornerstone. Since I met her, My life has been built one stone at a time, Stretching to each of … Continue reading

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..Stay his hand.

So there’s a lot of talk lately in the news. Posturing by North Korea. Tension mounting about possible military strikes. We’ve seen this many times over lately but, I always find myself wondering if someone will fail to flinch in … Continue reading

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