..Stay his hand.

So there’s a lot of talk lately in the news. Posturing by North Korea. Tension mounting about possible military strikes. We’ve seen this many times over lately but, I always find myself wondering if someone will fail to flinch in the game of chicken and something will spark another all out confrontation.

It’s easy to say, “Screw those guys. Hit them fast and hard and be done with it.” or “Bah..these idiots don’t have the military power to make any kind of effective threat.”

Well, I’d actually submit that an “idiot” who doesn’t have enough military power to be effective is FAR more dangerous than one who does.  Desperate to prove something to the world, they will strike out at anything they can. And if they are weaker, those targets usually come in the form of innocent civilians.

Syrdals have always been warriors of some sort or another. If not working directly within the Military then at least as a civilian along with them.  And I suppose it’s the Norse blood that drove them into the Navy because that is where the majority of them were.  The call of the Sea is a powerful thing if it’s in your DNA.

I still feel like I should have gone when I was able. But, I thought about it..and just resolved myself to the fact that I didn’t belong there at that time.

I have a major design “glitch” that makes me a lousy follower if the person who is supposed to be leading either Can’t or Won’t.  Boils my blood. I break ranks, take matters into my own hands, and usually find myself in disciplinary action of one sort or another.

Happens every day at work.

So anyway, with all the talk of military action out there I found 2 poems I think sum up a great deal of how I feel about such things.

Hope you enjoy them:

“Biting Steel and Crushing Stone;
Are hardly hindered by flesh and bone,
But the mightiest weapon of any King’s land,
Is the that which allows him to stay his hand.”

* * * * *

“Never a Chorus sung by all the Angels,
Could topple the very Ramparts of Heaven,
So much as a Joyous Story,
Of how a human heart was able to
Sunder Stone and Shatter Steel.”



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3 Responses to ..Stay his hand.

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Yeah, that’s the scary thing, how far will they go to prove they’re tough and can hang with the big dogs?

    My mom didn’t think I was cut out for the military, she was afraid I was too independent and liked to do what I liked to do when I liked to do it. But I realized real quick in boot camp that it was all just head games, to see if you could do what needed to be done, take orders when you had to. Frankly those were eight of the best years of my life.

    Let’s hope cooler heads prevail in N. Korea, I haven’t finished building my bomb shelter. Ok, I haven’t actually started one…

    • Eric Syrdal says:

      LOL! Mine’s not finished yet either, DD. 🙂 I think President Obama is going to be cool enough to avoid something directly. The thing I worry about is one of our “allies” taking the bait and getting provoked into doing something rash. Then everybody is in at that point. But I’m with you on the same hope!

      • D. D. Syrdal says:

        I’m – relatively – confident our allies are going to look to us for leadership and direction on this. I doubt any of them want to provoke anything, or put their own countries at risk. I’m sure most of them at least will be delighted to let us handle this.

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