Karma and I get along….

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

It’s been bugging me because I’ve been having feelings like I did on 9/11.

I’m saddened by what has been happening.  Sad for family and friends who are now thrown into the dark abyss of uncertainty and grief that comes from being defenseless to help someone they love.

I’m sad….but I am also angry. Intensely Angry.

I read Oswalt Patton’s FB post. He and I are of the same mind on this, and I agree that the good humans will always outnumber the bad.

Every human life is precious. Friend or Enemy.  Sometimes “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few…or the one” to quote Captain Spock….and lives need to be taken to ensure a greater peace. I understand this…agree with it when it is necessary.

I’m growing increasingly tired of turning on the TV and seeing such a lack of justice in the world.

I hate a person who employs force and violence where none is warranted.

I hate a person who is unable to effectively make others see their point of view and uses fear and terror to force their will on others.

I hate that I am coming to terms with the idea that my children will probably not be able to enjoy some of the freedom I do today….in the name of keeping them from being murdered simply because they were born in The United States.

I hate the fact that I have to continually remind myself every day that what Mr. Patton wrote is true and that there is good in the world still.

I am an idealist, I understand that.

Change will happen whether I want it to or not. My life has shown me that Fate puts you where she wants you…and you have to do what you are able…in the time you are given.

Give second chances when they are needed. Forgive debts and grudges. Listen for people who are asking for help and lend whatever strength you are able, to their fight.

Because if you miss those signs, sometimes there is no U-Turn.

Karma and I get along for a reason….She and I both hate cowards.







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5 Responses to Karma and I get along….

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Erm, I think his name is Patton Oswalt?

    I think we are still far luckier in this country than in many others around the world. Yes, it’s not the innocent 1950s anymore, but a lot of that innocence was a facade, a denial by society that there were problems to be addressed. Depression among housewives was high, with few job prospects and being stuck in bad marriages with no alternatives. Half the country was on an anti-depressant called Milltown. They were nipping at the cooking sherry. Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” was years away, the Women’s Lib movement had yet to get started. There was no Pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unmarried pregnant girls were packed off to horrible places to give birth to babies in shame and secret and forced to give them up for adoption. It was a terrible time to be a woman. See The Girls Who Went Away.

    The world has never been a safe place, it’s just the dangers that change. We go on anyway. We make the best of it, and we’re still far more fortunate than a large portion of the world.

    • Eric Syrdal says:

      Wow, I swear I never noticed I switched his name around. And honestly before I read this post I never even knew who he was. Aside from Vikings and a few other shows I record on DVR I don’t watch much other network television.

      I agree with you, DD. I believe we are still far luckier than a majority of the planet to live where we do.

      It’s a sort of frustration I feel when these bombing happen. Whether it’s here or somewhere else in the world. I think a lot of the frustration comes from wanting to do something about it…and not really being able to. Aside from locking everyone in their homes and assigning a security detail to every man, woman and child on the planet. And even if that were possible something like this would still happen. There is no easy answer.

      Oh, believe me! I am infinitely happier that my daughter will grow up in this world, rather than the one you talk about, trust me!!!

      reading things like that link makes me sick. physically ill. I don’t think i would have ever had the nerve to send my child away like that. It’s so sad to hear about.

      Would be like literally cutting off an arm or a leg. I can’t imagine it being possible.

      • D. D. Syrdal says:

        Heh, the only reason I know who Patton Oswalt is is because people I follow on Twitter RT him a lot 😉

        I know. You’d think by this time people would have found a way to work out their differences without blowing eachother up. I guess it’ll take a few more millennia. Give or take a billion years.

  2. rosie49 says:

    Humans take a really long time to evolve — there have been more wars and killing in the name of “God” over the centuries than any other reason, but we didn’t have the 24/7 news cycle back in the 16th century to get (and keep) the populace inflamed and/or scared. And yet, there is still great good in the world, and many more folks who work towards peace and justice. As simplistic as this may sound, I find taking a “news fast” helpful to keeping my sanity and perspective. Sometimes I’ll just read the the old-school newspaper as my only source for a week.

  3. Eric Syrdal says:

    Agreed Rosie!

    In fact, I was commenting to someone just last night that I don’t watch any network or cable news anymore for anything other than a weather forecast. Our media has failed us on so many levels in recent history. It really is depressing.

    24 hour news is nothing but a rumor mill now.

    I can’t think of one “news-type” person who is the “voice of calm and rationality” in today’s media circus. Imagine if you tuned into the news and actually got someone who was willing to speak about the facts, and talk calmly and plainly to people instead of running around throwing their hands in the air like their head was on fire?

    It’s depressing.

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