There and Back Again…a Dwarven Tale

So the first thing you might say is, why a Dwarven Tale? Well, if you read my entry about The Hobbit you’d find that I relate more to the Dwarves than the Hobbits.

That being said, my family and I took a trip, not to the Misty Mountains BUT, to the Smokey Mountains. Thought I’d share some of the pictures I took here..and talk a little about it.


So you’ll have to excuse me, I was born in the swamp and I have lived here my whole life. Scenes like this make me stop and stare a bit.

I know it does that to a lot of people. But for some reason it makes my blood stir to see something so massive. If I’m standing out there, I am pretty damn insignificant. And somehow that makes me feel good. Reaffirms that I am still a minor factor in the grand scheme of the universe..hell, even on my own planet I’m just a speck of dust.

Take this massive boulder….947354_575476882484724_2010312950_n

We don’t have things like this here (where I live)..unless we put them there. I walked up and put my hand against it. To think, this thing was deep inside these mountains at one point..long before any humans were even around. And here I am, so many centuries later, touching it.  That is pretty profound in my book.

27124_575478149151264_1532894987_n 946842_575478185817927_101031516_n

These tumbling streams are something I don’t see everyday. Unless I’m standing next to a man-made representation here.  The one thing that strikes me, is that this happens all day…every day…24/7.  It’s not man-made. There is no valve or switch that turns off a pump somewhere up the hill so they can inspect it or work on it. Again, just reaffirms my place in the cosmos.


This house was amazing, was built in 1889. I was astonished to see how much room there actually was in it. It was empty, just a shell. Hard to imagine furniture and things in it. Something very beautiful about it’s construction though.

947073_575477605817985_2065467983_n 298219_575477622484650_1143482249_n 945087_575477785817967_1622762682_n

I liked the look of the rough cut wood. And the way the stones were used for fireplaces and chimneys.

Even utilitarian things like this simple bridge over the creek


have a beauty to them.

190595_575478049151274_1611639477_n 395618_575477569151322_581400449_n 486776_575478039151275_678784549_n 248158_575476855818060_289986698_n

Sun-dappled and moss covered rocks and stones. The remains of an old stone wall. All this stuff made amazing patterns.

So was the stuff underground. The Smokey Mountains are home to a wide collection of caves. We went to one called Forbidden Caverns.

247170_575480389151040_634822037_n 302921_575480272484385_573289851_n 945764_575480265817719_1761693227_n

Of course, colored lights added a bit of drama to the scene. But it was wonderful to see. And almost startling to learn that every stalactite hanging from the ceiling takes 100 years to grow an inch. Almost defies reason once you look around at how many of them there are. To be in the presence of so much ancient space was pretty awe inspiring. The sheer amount of natural forces it takes to create wonders of nature is just mind boggling.

We did manage to visit Dollywood.  Had a nice time there too. For an amusement park, it’s very clean…and exceptionally friendly.

I had a pretty fun time taking pictures of the architecture. I like the shapes and colors of the buildings. Has a early 1900’s feel to it.

37034_575485249150554_1472084254_n 482509_575486192483793_1277551258_n 482409_575483022484110_1768047975_n 11850_575486185817127_1993712389_n

And of course there was this, beautiful..amazing Lady that caught my eye:


I simply could not take my eyes off her.


And so we climbed aboard and took a ride around the outskirts of the park and into the mountains a little bit….


I may, or may not have, grinned like an 8 year old child when she slowed down and the Engineer announced that they liked to blow the whistle extra special long in this one spot because of the echo……….It was kind of marvelous.

There is a part of me which longs for the days when this type of machine was needed.  Of course, because I am a creature of the future, I would find it difficult to live in that time…every time period has it’s horror stories, true.

Would still have liked to be able to see this kind of stuff, first hand.

I have always said I was born several centuries too late.

Heading back to the cabin every evening was nice too..


The sunsets were very beautiful..and a nice quiet time to sit and listen to the sounds of the night.

There was a creek way down the mountain side from where we were staying…you could hear the steady sound of the rapids. Frogs and crickets.  A whip-poor-will sang each evening in the same spot and echoed off the mountain-sides around the porch.

Was a peaceful place to end the day…and a excellent way to sit and think.

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