Armor dents…..


A good friend of mine, one who’s blood is not of my Kin, but I claim him as a Brother..posted that picture on facebook last night.

At first, I looked at it and kind of shook my head and rolled my eyes.

I have always wanted to be a Knight. Since I was old enough to crack open the pages of Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”.

Other kids in my neighborhood ran around with towels tied around their necks like super hero capes….I ran around with a garbage can lid and a stick. (despite my mother’s protest that I was going to “Poke my eye or someone else’s out!”

I fought that stupid swing set “dragon” every day. Dumb lizard would never learn. And I never once got burned.

My Sister refused to be a damsel in distress. She continues to do that even now!

My Parents broke my heart when they finally told me I couldn’t be a Knight….and explained about noble blood and being “knighted” by the King or Queen.  And that we didn’t have a King or Queen in America. (Maybe we could move to England?) Though I later understand that being Noble has nothing to do with your blood.

Being awkward on dates with girls…them wondering if I was weird or homosexual because I hadn’t tried to touch or kiss them. You never lay a finger on a Lady, without her permission…and if you’re too shy to ask…well….there ya go.

Being called Stupid AND Homosexual because I was asked  by a woman I was dating if I wanted to sleep at her house instead of driving home one night…and that’s exactly what I did. Slept. Because – See above.

Getting a bloody nose from a guy who used to be my “friend” when he tried to put his hands on his girlfriend…in front of me.

I proposed to my Wife in front of the entire assembled faculty, staff and students of the elementary school where she taught. I was in a suit of Full-Plate armor from head to toe.

Cheeky? Maybe…but it worked. 😉

Point is, it’s always been in my blood. Am I perfect? Nope. Like most people on this planet I’m sure for every 2 Chivalrous instances I’ve been in…you can find at least 1 where I was not so Chivalrous. Only Characters in story books can claim otherwise.

So that little picture up there is correct.

My armor is only scratched in some places…in others…It’s been heavily dented.

But each time it’s been repaired and buffed back to it’s original form.

This world has made it necessary to have Armor.

Beaten and battered as it is…I am eternally thankful for mine.


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