Bigger on the inside….

This is something I came up with a long time ago, that cured me of some prejudices I had. I’d like to believe it would work for everyone but it absolutely worked for me:

PREJUDICE: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll assume we are dealing with the specific prejudices of race/ethnic background, religion and sexual orientation.

The reason I pick those specifically is because I don’t believe it will work for all prejudice. I have found, in my opinion, it works in the case of those three.

Now, to begin: I need you to think of someone you care deeply about, someone you LOVE, someone you could not do without. (If you have no such person, you may want to sit this one out….though I believe we can all find someone that fits this role)

You must be honest about who this person is…it must be that not having them with you, or knowing them at all…would be painful to you. Image genuine heartache.

Now that you’ve got your person in mind we can get on with the tale. I used to just use the term “So you go back in time!”  It was a bit boring then…but now that I am an avid WHOVIAN and proud of it! We’ll use the Doctor to help us tell this tale.

So you and your person of interest are alone together walking. When suddenly, out of no where there is a loud rushing sound, ebbing and swelling…until finally something materializes nearby.

It’s a British Public Police Call Box circa 1960-something.

A man, pops his head out of the door and calls you by name, waving you over.  He says he is, “The Doctor” and that he needs your help urgently.

He wants you to climb into the box with him, something he now calls the TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It’s a sort of Time machine spaceship. He’s going to take you back in time with him to help him sort out a dreadful problem.

You protest, gesturing to your loved one and say that you can’t possibly go because you don’t want to leave them.

The Doctor laughs at you and says, Nothing to worry about. Time will pass for you as normal but he will bring you back here at the exact moment you left. To your beloved companion, they will never even notice that you have gone!!!

He pleads with you and says the future of the universe is at stake!

You reluctantly agree and step into the TARDIS. Which is…well…bigger on the inside.

Quickly you begin your journey.

Now, lets take a break from the story for a minute and talk about what is prejudice. As the definition suggests it is prejudging someone based on little to no information about them. The color of their skin, their weight, their height, what God or Gods they may believe in..whether or not they believe in a divine entity at all…their sexual orientation..or what they know their sex to be…despite what their physical appearance may be.

So you’ve got them all figured out…hate them…despise them…laugh at them…make them the subject of jokes…berate them…treat them like less than human.

Got it? Good…on with out story.

So you and The Doctor, travel back in time…face insurmountable odds…barely make it by the skin of your teeth..and travel back to the exact time and place you left.

As you walk to the doors of the TARDIS, The Doctor taps you on the shoulder and smiles, shaking your hand and expresses his sincere gratitude for your help. You really did help him make a remarkable change for the future.

As you assure him, “it was nothing” he opens the door and you step back into the spot where you boarded the TARDIS and there they are….

You’re loved one. Only..something has changed.

Something must have happened back when you were in the past, with The Doctor, and they have actually CHANGED.

They are now, different. They are the embodiment off all you despised when you left.

Their skin has changed color, they are skinnier…fatter…smarter…less intelligent…stronger…weaker…devout…careless…male…female…gay..straight…whatever it might be…they are now DIFFERENT in a way you hated before you left.

As you turn to tell The Doctor he made a mistake, he winks at you and shuts the door to the TARDIS. And then it powers up and slowly fades away…leaving you here…forever…with a choice….

Given all the pain, heartache, joy, emotion, love, pride, kinship, affection, respect, admiration….GIVEN ALL THE TIME AND EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT you have made into this person…what now?

Do you suddenly hate them?

Well, if your prejudice is righteous…then you must, right?

I mean…if you are a logical human being..of sound mind..then surely just because you see all the good things that i mentioned above in this person.. that shouldn’t matter a wit.

You hate..what they are..and by all rights you are supposed to embrace that hate.

You are supposed to be angry with them, appalled by them, you are supposed to laugh at them…give up one of your hilarious jokes at their expense!


If you aren’t just holding on to idiotic and ridiculous notions about them….then you should -by all means-…leave them where they are standing and walk away…right?

Or does the fact that you know them, that they are bigger on the inside, make all the difference?

Perhaps it does?

Perhaps it should.






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