Breaking point…….

I’ve been having some trouble at work lately. I wrote the following on my FB page the last time I’ve been having these issues. I feel bad now if I let my Blog go for too long without adding something….I re-read this recently and find I feel the same way now,  as I did when I wrote this…I find it very hard to tuck my tail between my legs when I am being bullied.

I never shrink from a fight.

I give and demand respect. Always…
I am not made of Stone..I have a breaking point. So I write and I feel better:


No, I will not.I will not dumb my speech down so you can feel more at ease around me. I will not disarm my lexicon which I have built over the 40 years I have been on this earth so that your limited intelligence can compete with my ability to form sentences.I am a wordsmith. I have the ability to use language to get my point across, and I shall employ that method whenever I see fit.

I spent the greater part of my elementary school years being the smallest and weakest. I spent the 4 years of my high school education wishing I had just an ounce of physical strength beyond what my 110 pound frame could muster in the face of the daily torment I endured.

I have neither the patience, nor the inclination, to be bullied out here in the “real world” into diminishing my ability to speak so that “others” can feel more comfortable around me.

I will not do it.

It is true, I have used words to wage battle here. And let any human being be warned, that to challenge me in an oratorical duel is not for the faint of heart or the ill prepared. I fight to the death, and I offer no quarter.

Words are metal. And like metal, they can be forged for good as well as evil. I have fashioned words into blades, who’s razor sharp edge I have used to severe, dismember and destroy.

For those I love, I have also fashioned them into armor of understanding and goodwill… as well as shields of Encouragement and hope.

I will encourage my children to do the same. I see in both of them, a vast and wonderful hunger for knowledge and for writing and reading.

I will help them however I can do gain the skill and the gift that I possess. I will teach them to use it to defend themselves….I will also teach them to use it to defend others.

I will do that.

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