Only a Dream?


A race of monsters and angels

Living in the same time and space

Capable of such beautiful works of

Art, peace and love

And of horrors, the likes of which,

Have not yet been printed on a page

Or shown on a screen

What will be possible when

We finally spread our wings

And choose to leave the embrace of Terra?

Forge a new future

Among the Stars of Our Galaxy and beyond

The Universe

A Silent sentinel

Who has watched our progress

In this brief heartbeat

That we call our history


Like oceans of flames

Eldritch Stars present at the beginning

Of all things

Who’s elements comprise

The very blood that flows in our veins

The Ancient places of the Universe

Will stand in judgment on what we do

And where we go

Other civilizations to reach

Starships and technological wonders

Beyond our primitive primate minds


That might make us retreat to our trees

And howl and scream like our ancestors so long ago

Labeling what we don’t understand as “Sorcery and Magic”

Things, perhaps A Madman in a Blue Box will have to help us Understand.

In so much as we are able to understand

Will we find out that we are not so very alone

In this play

where we all have a part

So significant yet so small

The sum of the whole cast

Is what makes the drama bearable

Sometimes we are the Villain

Sometimes we are the Hero

Sometimes we are the Chorus

My greatest wish would be

To be here for the final act

To see what we have ultimately wrought

And to know if my beliefs about Mankind were right

Or only a Dream?

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