Upon that Fertile Ground……

Like the Broken Stones

Sleeping at the bottom

Of an Ancient Wall

The Fears of my Youth

Lie Shattered on the Earth

Time has cast them down

To be ground into Dust

and Forgotten

But like those Stones

They once made The Wall

Defined it

Were part of it

They raised its Ramparts

Over the setting Sun

And kept things out




The Monstrously Large Things

That came in the Small Hours




Whispering threats of

Fell deeds and Paralyzing Fear

Now the Sun Rises

On this side of The Wall

It doesn’t need to be

As High as it Once Was

My Hope against Hope

Is that One day

It will no Longer

Need to Exist At All

And I can Turn the

Powder of its Shattered Stones

Into the ground

And grow New Dreams

Upon that Fertile Ground.

About Eric

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