Stepping from the Edge of Night….

Stepping from the edge of the Night
Winged and beautiful
As she watched the facade of Expectations
Shatter against the dark mirror surface
of the Sea
The Saltborne air filled her senses
Every year of her life
Like the constant ebb and flow of a tide
Success and Failure walked hand in hand
With misery and adulation for the fortunes
Which did find her
Sleeping peacefully in her bed
As the golden light of morning swept away dreams
Like so many cobwebs from an ancient talisman
Never more would the seats be arranged at the table
Never more would her chair be labeled for what she
Could be
What she might have been?
She was, in this instant, the sum of all her hopes
She was a leaf cast adrift on the wind
Her heart was the navigator now
All her possible futures bowed
To the whim of her Love.

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