Battle Hymn….

As I stand here
Looking down from this hill
My Sword is heavy
My Shield lies in the dust
The Tide of the Battle
Rages below me
Blood stains my Armor
And the tattered Bandages
That flutter from my arms
On the winds of War
Don’t stem the flow
Of Life from my veins
I am tired
But I must stand this post
I wish to retire to the rear
To my Tent where
The comforts of home await me
The Fire of Love
The Food and Drink of Family
and Fellowship
The warm and soft place
to remove my Helm
and Lay my Head
To lay down my Arms for Good
All I ask
is for the Continued Strength
To resist what I want
And to do what I must
To make my way to the Front
Ere the Sun rises over the hills
And take my place at the Battle Line
Ignore my injuries
and the Complaints of Old Age
Sharpen the Steel of Experience
Wield the Shield of Forbearance
Wrap myself in the Armor of Compassion
And carry on the Fight

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