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The Autumn Hollow……

Far down the Hillside Where the muddy creek mixes With Golden, Brown and Red leaves There is a place where no one goes And no one knows, Save the Trees It’s told, in Ancient times, In this season of Frost … Continue reading

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Crash and Burn….

Something loud echoes in the bowels of the ship.  A shudder runs through the superstructure.  Angry sparks fly in fountains of orange and red.  Consoles erupt in wailing Klaxons and flashing buttons.  Display screens flash messages like “FAILURE” and “OFFLINE”…. … Continue reading

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The Power surges Through Her body Rising up Behind Her eyesShe feels the crackling Shattering Voltage of Emotion It slowly Surfaces Quietly But with a Vast Gargantuan Heaving Force Like something Massive Ancient A Leviathan Rising from the Dark Cold … Continue reading

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