The Road…

Moving uphill is the hardest
I don’t mind so much when they are small,
but the big ones really are difficult.
So many people out here on The Road.
Some close by and in time with my steps.
I listen for the 6 foot-falls that are mine to care for.
I make sure they keep up.
I make sure their sound is strong.
I carry them when they need it.
But there are others out here on The Road.
Some close by and not in time with my steps.
I try and look beyond my shoulder,
or the shoulder of the ones I call “Friends”I let my attention focus on the ones
Who can’t keep up.
Who stumble.
Who walk on the sides of The Road
Who walk in the ditches
Who’ve lost The Road completely and
Wander in the distance.
And then I
Fall back a little to let them catch up.
Make room near me when I can.
Lend a hand and pull them nearer.
Leave the comfort of my place here
And go after them.
It’s hard work.
It has a price.
No money on Earth can pay.
But when We round a turn
And the hills fall away from us
The wind is at our backs
The Sun-Dappled Valley
is below Us
And the sound of Bells
Floats up in the Golden Air
Calling Us Home
It is worth it.


About Eric

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3 Responses to The Road…

  1. Larysia says:

    Hi Eric!
    This piece has a wonderful sincerity to it. I find it is a very beautiful analogy, and again, I can picture everything perfectly. Extremely heartfelt, I love it!
    Take care and keep up the awesome work!

  2. rachel says:

    an empathetic soul.

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