Six Shooter
Bounces on my Hip
Dust and Horses
Hot wind
Blows in from
The Mesa
The Fetters Jingle
Between his Feet
As I move him along
We cross the Road
Eyes peek from behind
Dry-rotted Curtains
Streets’re Deserted
Everyone knows
What He’s Capable of
What He’s done
Why I’m
Taking Him in.
Say He’s made
some Deal with
The Devil
Blood for Blood
His Blood and
The Blood of His Prey
Like them folks
Back in Charlotte
Skinned them Alive
The “Red Men” out Here
He hit that Camp so Hard
Weren’t enough pieces
Of them left
To separate
Brave from Squaw from Child.
And now as We near
The Platform
The Locomotive
Crouches on the Tracks
A giant Iron and Steel
Blowing clouds of Steam
Into the sweltering Air
Waiting patiently
To take Him
To Hell.

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  1. Eric says:

    🙂 ❤!!!!!!

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