The Clouds Conspire….

You are
Ever this, Thing.
An Angel on
a Mountain Top
Eternally Visible
But ever So Far
Except when
The Clouds Conspire
to Shield You
From My Sight
In those Moments
I raise My
With all the Strength
in My Heart I
Throw it
Hurl it Up
And Beyond the
Heads of the People
Who crowd around
Me Day by Day
Has it ever Reached
Your Ears?
Has it ever changed
The way You feel?
How You Look at Me?
In those Moments
am I monstrous and
Or am I forever cast
In these Dusky Rags
In this Role of the
Regular, the Ordinary?
A single grain of Sand
Shuffled into the Yawning
Expanse of a Beach
You do not even See.

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