Bone Deep…..

Years Past
His Death Still
Goes Bone Deep
His Ghost
walks The Halls
of My Heart
And Reminds
Me of What is
I pass the
Things of Today
and every Story
I read
Every Movie I
Leaves Me wondering
If he would have
Liked it?
I look at My
and Wonder
Would they have Loved
Him as much as
I did…
He left us
So long Ago
A very Short
In the flurry of
My young Adult
It is an open Wound
That will never Heal
A single page
in My History
I can not tear out
Can’t throw away
Can’t Erase
Can’t rewrite
Even the Words
I can write bring me
no Comfort
I can not write him
back into Existence
And to try
……..too painful.

I had to write this which sprung from Nina@skyetrilogy ‘s poetry prompts on Twitter at fieryverse@fieryverse. This one was called “Bone Deep”. So special thanks to her for providing the first drop in this well that suddenly became a rushing fountain of emotion.

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