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Her eyes are painted with Porcelain Bravery Bravado and Battlefield-Hardened She wields Her Weapons Sarcastic Razor-edged Wit Impenetrable Oaken Confidence Guarding Her breast All the ambition Forged Within Iron and Steel Dark amber Flame, Her hair Across Her shoulders Her … Continue reading

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Why I write…

So I was presented with this little “project” (unofficially) by my dearest Friend, Larysia. Who’s elegant works of words can be found at Her Blog. She is Canadian, and wonderful. And by knowing Her, I get to claim that I … Continue reading

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There is an unquenchable fire in Her my mouth still feels the sting of Her Kiss my Senses still echo with Flame and Ash Charcoal on the tip of my Tongue As She lays now gently on this Bed of … Continue reading

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