There is an unquenchable fire in Her
my mouth still feels the sting of Her Kiss
my Senses still echo with Flame and Ash
Charcoal on the tip of my Tongue

As She lays now gently on this Bed of Linen
I look to Her Face
Dark painted lids closed
Lips, deepest burgundy, slightly parted

Her hair, flows in Auburn waves from
around Her Head
a silken halo of strands
Framing Her face in gentle softness

I feel that inferno just beneath Her skin
pressing my cheek inside Her knee
my lips scout the way across Her thigh
Her nylon stockings playfully grab at my stubble

I stop along the journey
breathing deeply Her scent
lips, survey the area
teeth, stake out the landmarks

And when I’ve reached the end of the Road
Lips surrender their position
to a tongue which seeks
To draw out the ember of Her desire

Softly, but firmly, I work
Moving with determination and hunger
I apply the combinations one after another
until the gate is open, and She rises to meet me

With rough hands I take the sides of Her cup
Tipping it harder against my lips
I drink
Her breathless voice whispers, sighs and encouragement

And when Her flames return to coals
I sooth them with my breath
and gently begin to build another Firestorm

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