Why I write…

So I was presented with this little “project” (unofficially) by my dearest Friend, Larysia. Who’s elegant works of words can be found at Her Blog. She is Canadian, and wonderful. And by knowing Her, I get to claim that I have international friends (so bonus!)
I’ve come to love Her and Her tenacity when it comes to Her work. I also love that She is a gamer and a geek, much like myself and is unapologetic about that.  Put Her together with Her colorful and hilarious friend, Walking Casino…give them a game and a little video time…..and you have Magic.

But I’ve procrastinated long enough..and look..I’ve only got 108 words.

about Words…what do they mean?

Some claim words don’t mean a thing unless you express your emotions behind them. Kind of like holding up a sign that says, “I love you!” while making a face and a rude hand gesture behind it…that would prove otherwise.

I believe that, actually. I’ve come to understand that I can pen the most epic of stories however this quote always rings true:

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”

Which is attributed to my favorite Poet and a Mentor of mine, Mr. Robert Frost.

I write because it is a way of expressing my emotions much deeper than I ever could with my mouth. It is a way for me to reach directly inside and take what I am feeling from my heart and place it on a page. Someplace where someone can read it and understand the depth of feeling I have about what I want to say.

My writing, is a direct link to my soul. It expresses, in no uncertain terms, who I really am.  I believe everything I write, fiction or fact, comes from a place deep inside me where only the most truthful of emotions is expressed.

Through writing, I can say things that I will never be able to say in person. I often find it hard to read things I write out loud without giving up or stumbling over it. Sometimes the emotion I placed inside those words hits me in the gut so hard it knocks the wind out of me.  Happy or Tragic, I just find it hard to do.

I also often abandon things I write, never to look at them again. I suppose it was just something that needed to be born into the world and satisfied that I’ve done that….My responsibility seems done.

Writing helps me cope with the world around me.

I am a Husband, a Father, a Leader and a Follower…I have a world of responsibility on my shoulders…and as such, often times, a world of doubt and worry too.

Writing helps me Live.

So without further nonsense from me… I’ve a few Blogs I would like you all to visit, as a personal favor, Please. These Women are some of the most wonderful Poetesses I have every had the pleasure to read. I find their work completely enthralling and I admire their skill with a Pen.

Katzpyjamas is run by the Beautiful and talented, M.B. Stephens! Her works come directly from the heart and are some of the most elegant constructions of words and emotions I have ever seen. She is able to write about anything…and I will tell you (as we are friends on Twitter and I have seen her Avi) If Her smile does not make you want to smile, I don’t believe you are human. A beautiful Lady and a beautiful Soul!

Souldier Girl as her tagline suggests, Poetry from a Heart on Fire. Her work is some of the deepest feeling Poems I have read. She writes from a place deep inside and pulls up emotions that have the deepest of primal feelings. I find Beauty in the pain She shares and a Strength and Courage that I can only wish I had. She is nothing short of Amazing.

Please visit these amazing Women, If you are a lover of Deep Poetic Feeling, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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