You know?…racks…Like Deer Antlers…

So I’ve been wanting to write this since Saturday. I decided to let it sit and brew for a while and see if I really was bothered enough to write a blog post on this…turns out I Here goes.

My weekend hobby is gaming. Many of you who follow me on twitter have seen me post pics of the games I am playing. As my “about” page pridefully proclaims, “I’m a geek and a nerd…” and I enjoy being so! Many of the games I play are science fiction oriented and a lot are centered around Star Trek. Again, anyone who knows me long enough knows this is no surprise. It should also be noted, for posterity, that I am one of only a handful of Married Fathers that hang out at the game shop. Why am I telling you this? So I can set the backdrop for the evening’s events….

So after completing a two games of “Fortune and Glory” (a boardgame in which you chase around the world A La Indiana Jones, hunting artifacts and fighting Nazi’s) My other 3 game-mates (hmmm new word?) decide it is definitely time for dinner.

After a brief discussion mostly consisting of, “I don’t care where we go…I’ll go wherever” One of our party of 4, a bachelor at this time though, he is due to be married in the fall, decides he wants to go to a place called, “Twin Peaks”

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a restaurant serving Homestyle type foods…at ridiculous prices….served by women wearing what amounts to two scraps of material… A small flannel low-cut half shirt…and tiny khaki circulation cutting shorts….and the emphasis is on the namesake of the restaurant “TWIN PEAKS” so you can imagine the predominantly featured female body parts.

Now, I am a heterosexual male, Age 43. I love women, A LOT! I love the female form in all of it’s delicious curvyness….I am greatly inspired by strong and beautiful women. I’m a grown up man who has control of his sexuality and I am fully capable of not turning into a slobbering animal because a woman, whom is wearing barely any clothes, is serving me a meal. I can, and DO, look them in the eyes…say yes Ma’am and No Ma’am and treat them like I would had she been wearing a full length trench coat. I am NOT a prude…and I am NOT ashamed of the female body..nor am I shaming the waitress who work at this restaurant, in this entry….let’s be clear about that. Simple enough…Sorry to be long winded but if you know not of what I speak, you needed to know this too.

So there I am, with 1 married man and two of my bachelor friends. Amid the thousands of LCD screens flashing sports clips and stats the likes of which I can promise you, I have no clue who they belong to or with what sport they are associated. I order a sweet ice tea and a chicken sandwich and engage in light conversation with my friends about the latest new rules for a game we all used to love but now hate.

Our waitress is a beautiful redheaded young lady, probably in her mid twenties. She’s very good at her job and is quite efficient at getting our drinks and getting our food to the table and asking if we, “Need anything else.”

Suddenly, some activity catches my attention out of my right hand peripheral vision. A large group of people is sitting at a LONG table. Looks to be 12 or 14 of them. There are some scraps of wrapping paper on the table and at least one balloon from what I am able to see.
Among the group there are 3 children. Ranging in age from about 7 to about 15.

I nudge one of my bachelor friends and say, “You know…I have to believe that if I were going to go out to eat for my birthday…and bring my family….along with Kids…I could find somewhere a little more appropriate, don’t you think?”

He looks at them and raises an eyebrow, “Wouldn’t be my first choice…no”

I nod, “Good, at least I know I’m not crazy.”

We share a chuckle as our empty plates are cleared away, I settle back into my chair as we wait for our checks.

Suddenly, my attention is drawn back to the “party” next to us. I was sure I saw a camera flash or something. As I turn to look, I see…two of the Waitresses flanking either side of a young boy who, I swear to the abyss, could be no older than 12 or 13. They are facing away from me and He is holding something in his hands. I can just make out that there seems to be some Deer Antlers sticking out of whatever it is.

Standing, holding a cellphone in order to take a picture is a man, roughly my age, grinning from ear to ear.

Also some other people, including a woman roughly the same age as the man, are leering towards the boy and the two girls…all with grins on their faces. The Woman reaches for Her cellphone and quickly snaps a photo as well.

I am confused at this point..what is everyone doing? and what the hell is that kid holding. So my attention stays on them as a round of applause echoes from the table and one of the ladies takes the wooden object from the kid and they head away. The kid is welcomed back to the table with smiles and a pat on the back from the man taking the picture.

The waitress who took the wooden object, a plaque with deer antlers and an inscription, hangs it on the wall near our table and moves off. I lean in to read it.

I saw some Great Racks at Twin Peaks for my Birthday

What in the HOLY FUCKING SHIT are we doing, people?

This is what we do now…take pictures of young boys with scantly clad women with a sign containing a double entendre?

I was enraged….did I have a right to be? Isn’t this one of the major problems facing this planet today?

I wanted to get up..and walk over there to the guy who took the picture and tell him.

“Great picture…you guys having a good time? Proud of yourselves? I tell you what? When He’s older and treats a woman like a piece of shit…I want you to take out that picture and look at it…and remind yourself of how FUCKING happy you are…right now…because I’m sure he will appreciate it all the same as you do.”

But of course, I didn’t say anything. I shook my head. Looked around the room nervously and couldn’t wait to get my check so I could leave. I’m never going back there. Because I just feel like that incident speaks volumes about what is wrong with the world.

Sometimes I feel like the world is burning down all around me. I’m standing there with a stupid bucket of water, tossing it on an inferno….while a great many people stand around me taking video of the fire….because it’s cool.

I try so hard on a daily basis to make a difference in this world. I try to treat every human being like they matter…they have a part to play here and without them the world would not be the same.  What part is that kid going to play when he grows up? Maybe I’m over reacting…maybe He’ll be fine. He was about the same age as my daughter….surely its highly unlikely that he would meet her…and have an opportunity to treat Her like He was taught women are to be treated. But what if He does?

I’m posting this picture at the end of this so you can see what the situation looked like. Of course this is an older man in the pic and not the kid I speak of…but to me…he looks just as stupid doing it.

I want something better for my Children’s Future. This world is a Fucked up broken place.


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7 Responses to You know?…racks…Like Deer Antlers…

  1. Ooo I love this post. This kind of thing makes me so angry. So very angry. My thing is if an adult wants to act like a jackass, so be it (so long as no one is being harmed). But when that adult starts inflicting his jackassery and intolerance on CHILDREN, that’s when I grow really livid. That kid was surrounded by a gaggle of ignorant adults. It will be some kind of miracle if he doesn’t turn into one of them.

    • Eric says:

      Made my blood boil over. I edited myself a good bit there bc trust me, every other word in my head was a derivative of Fuck.
      I wanted to cause such a scene, I swear.

      • I believe it. It makes me so sick what we’re doing to our children. And then we sit back and wonder why the world is ablaze from the fires of ignorance, hate, intolerance, abuse, you name it… you’re right. The world is burning down all around us. But keep swinging that bucket.

        Sounds like you’re a great dad, by the way. I’m glad they have you instead of scoundrels like the ones in this post.

        • Eric says:

          I appreciate that
          Yeah…I can bet for every person who feels like you and me, there are 20 that say, “what’s the problem? It’s only a little fire.”
          And I’m like, “dude!! Our fucking house is on fire…does it really matter if it’s a little or a lot? PUT THAT SHIT OUT!!!”
          You don’t have to be a prude….but can we have some fucking respect for each other?

          • THANK YOU! Oh I’m getting good and angry now. Thinking about my own siblings and they kind of “parents’ they are. It’s revolting and maddening. I hate the world we live in. I constantly have to remind myself that there are people like you out there – that I’m not the only one who seeks truth and beauty and purity. Otherwise, I’d really want to give up. I also have to remind myself that, like you, I have a responsibility to keep filling my bucket with water and dousing my little portion…in hopes that it keeps the fires at bay.

            • Eric says:

              Absolutely, Steph. Didn’t mean to crank you up. I’m proud to know you’re out there too! I’ve gotta go back to pretending to work.
              Have a wonderful day, Lady! ♡ 😊

            • I should probably do the same (maybe). I hope you have a great day yourself! ❤

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