Torn out by the roots……



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17 Responses to Torn out by the roots……

  1. Eric Syrdal says:

    NO NO!! it’s ok! I just because its sad doesn’t mean I don’t cherish it! our sad moments are always a part of us! Please don’t feel bad at all! *hugs* Much love and respect, Sisterheart.

  2. Rita (aka AnnieB) says:

    Oh this is beautiful, Eric. Truly love it.

  3. Ms. Vee says:

    This is beautiful! My heart was breaking as I was reading this. Such raw emotion here!

  4. What a lovely verse!

    What is it really that pulls us away from our love and passion? Is it the promise of a better tomorrow? Or is it the need to savour the untried and the new? Could it just be that there exists inside us a space unacknowledged by the love and passion which we remain conscious of?


    • Eric Syrdal says:

      Thank you, Shakti. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your thoughtful words. She was my first love, my first real “girlfriend”. She was very young and I was just barely older than her. She had to leave, I think, because her Heart wanted to explore more of the world. I was content where we were. But I had no right to keep her there.

  5. Ugh… I think we’ve all been here. Except, of course, you write it so beautifully. ❤

  6. leilou67 says:

    Shattered glass, water spills. This poem is beautiful. It posses lots of room for imagination and it can take you to a time and place where two souls show conflicts of emotions. Truly enjoy your works. eve

  7. rachel says:

    this. ouch. i can feel my heart breaking all over again. makes me want to hold your hand. maybe it would help stop these tears.

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