“Be careful what you wish for.” She said
I watched, helplessly from vantage point on the Shore
Her voice was barely a whisper but, the Salt Air sent it to my Ears, clearer than a bell.Arms folded across Her chest, Her beautiful face was turned away from Me.
I ached to see Her, as only The Ocean could see Her,  in this very Moment.
The setting Sun turned Her hair to Fire
I imagined the Tears in Her dark eyes
How their taste would remind me of Her home
My Mortal feet shuffled in my Uncomfortable Position
I heard My Heart breaking for Her
As it had done, every day, since I met Her
This universe was capable of such horrible cruelty
to Such beautiful creatures
My World had known such Joy at the first instance I sat upon
this very shore and watched and waited for Her to surface
I couldn’t slow the pounding of My Heart
Wanted to reach for Her
But She was so far away out on that Rock
And I can’t Swim
Not the way She can
I looked over my shoulder
To the encroaching dark of My Homeland
Tried to clear the water from My own Eyes
Rubbing Furiously with my Sleeve
like I did when I was a Kid
The dark cloth Soaking up the Salt and the Pain
Finally daring to look back
Wanting one last glimpse of Her
A final image to take back with Me
and put in a Shoebox, under My Bed
As proof that She was Here
But the Surf had carried Her Home
And the pieces Fell apart
on the Sand

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