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Straight on until Morning…

Sitting on the edge Of the night Remembering when I could Take flight The Stars above The Surf below Where fireflies And Mermaid’s lanterns glow Here on this island No day and no night Chasing the dreams of childhood In … Continue reading

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We will not listen….

The rain speaks But, We will not listen It pounds out a code of desperation on Our shoulders Insidiously works its way Between the plates of Our armor It derides Our Fortitude demands that We kneel In the mud and … Continue reading

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When there was no Kryptonite….

Chasing the Faraway A Mirage… A time….. When I would Challenge Freight Trains to Duels… I dodged bullets with a smile… Tall buildings were stepping stones… The Yellow Sun warmed my Bones and I held it deep inside Me It … Continue reading

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When Shields are useless……..

Growing up, My Sister and I were almost always at odds. Some people said we were normal siblings. I don’t think we were. I don’t think we hated each other but, I’m not sure we were ever happy together either. … Continue reading

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When I am near Her it is a Hammer blow unto my Soul. It steals My air and strikes My lips dumb. Only My humble fingers can speak of what my Heart has seen…..

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Cendrillon A.D. 4037 – 3rd Terran Dynasty

It’s cold out Here Starfields and solar radiation Rumble of the Sublight Engines Stale Air and canned Heat The scratchy material of the Uniform Can’t stand to raise My arm to Salute I crave the open Air To see the … Continue reading

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She sleeps Thousands of Miles below My feet When I am still I feel her heartbeat Rising up through the ancient ground She holds my feet to Terra Firma She watches Me with Eyes the color of Home Her voice … Continue reading

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I watch with jealous Eyes Each Evening The Sun goes to Sleep with Her My Western Sky is bathed in the Colors of Her Heart I’ll stand Here, teary eyed and Heart pounding Until the blanket of Night pushes cool … Continue reading

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In this Field I toil My hands and Feet Cracked and broken I feel the ground shake Lay aside my tools And see Her as her Legion advances Her banners wave golden In the same sun that scorches My neck … Continue reading

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