We will not listen….

The rain speaks
But, We will not listen
It pounds out a code of
desperation on Our shoulders
Insidiously works its way
Between the plates of Our armor
It derides Our Fortitude
demands that We kneel
In the mud and the muck
and the pain
But We will not comply
It claws at the casement
rattling the locks
It abhors the warm fire
crackling in The hearth of Our Hearts
It knows, the flame is its adversary
The heat that keeps Us Alive
Keeps Us wanting to live
Enables Our Apotheosis
We are the Guardians of That Fire
The realm of the Heart is Our homeland
We do not bend to the will of Outsiders
We do not sacrifice Our truth for the Lies of the Rain
We will not Fall
To become one of a million other Puddles
Sleeping, Cold and Afraid, against Mother Earth
She does not wish to see Her children cower
Her plan has only ever been for Us to be Free
and take Our place
Among the very Stars that made Us
So let the rain speak
We will not listen

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19 Responses to We will not listen….

  1. moonskittles says:

    Love how the force within the heroes goes against event he warnings of troubled sky, What a treat to hear you recite it!! It gave me a great idea about reading one of my poms πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Rita says:

    Fantastic, brother! Fantastic.

  3. Stay strong! Loved you recited it. Those are my favorites. Been thinking about you and your sister. (((((Hugs))))) ❀️

  4. Ms. Vee says:

    Wow, This is powerful and beautiful. You are awesome!😊

  5. Eric says:

    You have, and I’ve missed seeing you here so much! But all I can think about now is how happy I am to see you.
    All my love, Sisterheart.

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