Until We try again….

They built me
From the Heart of My Father Oak
with nails forged from My Mother’s Tears
Every joyous moment in the bright sunshine
Woven into my Sails
Every painful, soul-tearing, moment shaved
Into my Keel
My boards didn’t always have these gray places
Barnacles making me drag through the waves
I used to split the Ocean like a knife
Not a ram-shackle skiff
Nor a Warship bristling with Guns
A frigate
Fast and true
Navigating the Shallows
and the capacious Depths
Spending My time
Outrunning Storms and Fighting the Tides
Always staying in the Sunlight
The day I first felt Her hands on My Wheel
Her feet on my Deck
She became My Captain
and I carried Her everywhere Her heart wanted to Go
We fought the Storms together
Sailed directly into the Heart of them
And relaxed in the placidity of Their Eye
She mended My Sails
Sometimes with Her hands
Sometimes with Her voice
Always with Her Smile
It is Her smile that I always miss
When Our story ends up Here
Over and Over
Before I become this pile of Flotsom
turning end over end in the Surf
Beneath the Shadow of That weathered Lighthouse
A silent Watchman
Who’s warning is always too late
and every time it happens…
…it hurts
Always, My last effort before I crash upon those Rocks
Is to place Her feet
Gently into the Salty Sand
Safe from My destruction
Where She will wait….
……until We try again.

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2 Responses to Until We try again….

  1. moonskittles says:

    I find joy in reading your pieces! Always do 😀

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