Probably the Dark….

I ran to the edge of the forest
And howled into the dark
But your Soul did not Answer
Only the wind
And the laughing of Coyotes
I used my last piece of Fire
days ago
watched it die in my hands
Saw the tiny thread of smoke
drizzle skyward
ember fading to black
it’s amazing how many Stars
You can see
while you stand shivering
Your arms wrapped around you
Holding yourself tight
The sun hasn’t risen here
in so long
I’ve forgotten what Your Heart
Used to look like
I’ve got a torn, black and white
But I can’t see your face
Could be time
Could be the tears
It’s probably the Dark

About Eric

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5 Responses to Probably the Dark….

  1. Eric says:

    Hey brother! Wonderful to see you here! Thank you!

  2. Eric says:

    Thank you, Steph!

  3. Rita says:

    And mine right back.

  4. Eric says:

    Thank you,Ms Vee.

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