Dust and Ashes…

The Breathing of An Ocean Goddess
I watched Her Sleeping on Moon Soaked Sand
My Heart Wept For what I had Found
In Her

When Her hand was upon My Heart
I felt like I would Break
Were it not for the Steel
Within Her Will
and the Iron in my Blood

Riddle of the Heart:
How do we Allow ourselves To Fall
To the Fire Of Love
Even as we Remember the Pain
Of the Burns?

As I walk
I wonder If I could continue
To live
nowhere Else But the present
Can I ever Forget About the Past?

I’ve spilled Ink on these Maps
So often
Revised them so Regularly
And Smudged them beyond Recognition
With Tear stained Hands

Still My Heart Remembers
The way
To that Threshold, even though
I’ve dug up all the sign posts
And thrown them into the ditches

But I’ll find it anyway…..

And as always
I will Genuflect when I Enter
Avert My eyes when Necessary
Smile when I greet Her
Kiss Her hand and help Her aboard Her Carriage

Then I’ll stand on that Road
tasting the Dust
and the Ashes at the back of My Throat
Hand raised In Farewell
until The Distance Swallows Her up

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22 Responses to Dust and Ashes…

  1. sirenlost says:

    Riddle of the Heart:
    How do we Allow ourselves To Fall
    To the Fire Of Love
    Even as we Remember the Pain
    Of the Burns?

    I don’t know about others, but I refuse to allow myself the pleasure of that fall.

  2. Beautiful. The ending is sad.

  3. Rita says:

    This is fantastic, Brother. Still my heart remembers the way . . . . indeed!

  4. Hi Eric, this was an exemplary piece of writing:)

  5. Beautiful words, Eric. πŸƒπŸŒΊ never give up on love or having an open heart. I believe the secret is to only share with those worthy and to learn from each heartbreak. We can become stronger without losing our wonder at the miracle that is Love. I believe that, anyway. 😊🌹 Thank you for sharing you words πŸ™

  6. moonskittles says:

    SO many times the shore gets kissed, yet the wave leaves.. heart is blind, and hopeful. πŸ™‚

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