His Heart always can….

His fingers,Β  as He helps Her unzip
Her dress
Alone in this tiny dressing Room
He’ll turn his back while She
Recent ceremony says He doesn’t Have to
A habit, He’ll learn to change
His eyes can’t see Her
But His heart always can

Her Hair
He always loved how it felt against His face
being lost in Her embrace
The way it would get tangled in His stubble
A year from Now, He’ll come home and She
will have cut it as Short as His
The bottom of His heart will drop out
When She asks Him what He thinks
He’ll say She looks beautiful

Her Eyes
Always behind panes of Glass
Rubbing at them, red and watery
He’ll laugh and tell Her to stop trying
to wear the contacts, The Glasses are fine..
Years from now, He’ll learn to put microscopic
screws back into holes to try and keep them
together, glue back nose guards
He’ll still love to look into the brown behind
the glass and see the light there

Her Lips
Tugging at the corners of Her eyes
making Her squint when She laughs
when She listens to His stories
Years from Now, He’ll shake his head
and smile because of the lipstick stains
on all of the coffee cups,
including His, which She’ll insist
She didn’t use

Her Heart
Oh, stolen hours. Hiding away in the Dark
Cab of His pickup truck
His head against Her chest
Listening to the drumming beat of His ‘everything’
Years later, He’ll sit near Her
Hand held tight in the Hospital ER
His eyes locked with Hers
Waiting for EKG results to confirm
It was nothing to worry about

Her Hands
Like Flint and Steel
Sparking fires, laced in the Straw of His
Weathered fingers
When She places them on the back of His neck
He melts into a puddle
Years later, She’ll hold them out for Him to
help Her up from the Floor
Cleaning and taking Care of little ones
Laundry or wrapping presents
Or just to hold while watching TV

Her Hips
He purposefully would find a way
to put himself across the room from Her
Because watching Her walk toward Him
would stop his Heart, for beats at a time
Years later, He will marvel at Her beauty
All the same when She has one little one against
Her hip
And another one, clinging around Her waist

Her Feet
Until tonight, they have never peeked out
from the Hem of a skirt
They’ve never been in anything that might
earn the name, “heels”
They trip Her up when they are walking together
When She looks at Him, instead of where she’s going
Years later, As they go on their bi-weekly “date” to
the Grocery Store, He’ll remind Her to watch where
She’s going as She tries to read the list in the busy
aisles. And they’ll laugh about it.

As She finishes getting ready
He turns around and smiles When
She asks if He is “ready to go?”
She’s dressed in something else, that is “Not Her”
Something someone else thought would look nice
on Her
Something He knows is driving Her crazy to wear
But He’ll smile as He takes Her hand to go
back out into that noisy crowd of people
Wave their goodbyes and heading for the first time
To their new House
And He won’t give a damn about Her outfit
Because He has never really used his Eyes
…to See Her



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33 Responses to His Heart always can….

  1. You make me wish that I had a lover as him.

  2. His heart has 20/20 vision. She is very lucky to have someone like him. He loves all of her chaos because it’s calming to him. Eric, this is so moving and heartfelt. ❀️

  3. vivifiedveracity says:

    And writing like this is why I follow your blog and read your posts. You have such a beautiful grasp of the heart’s thoughts, the underlying palpitations that give life to emotion and inclination. Well done, Poet.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, V! You humble my heart with a compliment like this. I’m glad you are able to understand where I am coming from. All My Best, Friend. πŸ™‚

  4. Geetha B says:

    Another beautiful write from the Heart. I really love the way you compose the process of the connection and how each stage slowly takes you to the next coming out with a more endearing (or awe-inspiring like for Pantheon) vision of the character

  5. Reblogged this on Entirety in Bits and Pieces and commented:
    You had me in tears by “Her Heart”

  6. Rita says:

    Oh my brother! The gentle tears are dropping as I feel each and every line of this poem. Time! It magnifies the beauty.

  7. moonskittles says:

    Ohhh.. I needed this dose of happy tears Eric! Thank you for your gorgeous poetry! One less lonely girl, and one more romanced woman!

  8. Souldiergirl says:

    She’s lucky to have you Eric. Beautiful πŸ’™

  9. Beautiful, as usual πŸ˜‰

  10. sirenlost says:

    It is a very good thing I am not a crier or I would be bawling a river. So perfectly beautiful and adoring … this proves that passion does not have to be displayed in a bedroom.

  11. Ms. Vee says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Your words truly create the love of my life! He always knows the right words to say, at the right time! Great writing Eric!

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