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Mach 1…

  “Please…” 6 letters 3 Consonants 3 Vowels 1 syllable And She knows it’s a 50 ton Ship anchor on my Heart She picks the opportune time to speak it Waits… Until I am at the aphelion of My orbit … Continue reading

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My heart pounds… Oh, how perfect things had seemed just minutes ago Before She flushed me from My cover I was safe and warm inside of My Nebulous Thunderstorm Listening to the sounds of the gentle raindrops of My indifference … Continue reading

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Ermine and Crown She makes Her way Down To the bowels of the Castle Deep An oath left to swear Heavy Burden She bears Where the ghost of Her Yesterday Sleeps She is style and grace Her footsteps fill the … Continue reading

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Gelida Terram: Stormclouds

Notice: ***This is a piece I wrote after having written the original This Poem a couple of days ago. There was a line in that poem that made me understand there was more to tell to this story than just … Continue reading

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From a Distant Star….

“He turned his face upward to the grey clouds, laughing at the rain’s ambition…For sorrow could no longer touch His heart…to Love Her…was an alliance with the Sun.”

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Download Cycle…..

Oscillation coming to rest Gravity pulls at pounding Hearts Yours matching Me on the Upbeats Livewires discharging Electrical Storms Jumping between Our Lips No longer gulping breaths of Air between your Waves Resting on Elbows Transferring weight from Shoulders To … Continue reading

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The little girl in that picture brought me to tears this weekend with something She did. That picture was taken at a very specific time and I’ll explain what that time was during the course of this article. My Daughter … Continue reading

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Gelida Terram…

Wasn’t but seven months ago She stood in this waving Golden inland sea The wildflower and the scrub bush Carried the train Of Her Dusky pale blue Dress While she caressed her Care-worn fingers Through the bushy crowns Of the … Continue reading

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Quiet on the Set….

“Even though I save the Day, I know It’s not my Victory” I heard that for the first time today. In a song… In a playlist I never really visit Inside a track I never really listen to It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Upon Love’s Gain….

Masterfully crafted The calligraphy on this invitation Written across the backdrop of the universe Fluid script Fate’s penmanship All are Welcome But not with the same Pomp and Circumstance The doorman will announce your arrival Swirling Dance floors Music playing … Continue reading

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