I usually listen to music while I brainstorm about what to write. I never listen to music WHILE i’m writing. I can’t do that…

But if I listen to a particular piece of music when I write a new poem or piece, I usually always associate that music with the emotions from that poem from that point on..

So I decided to do this onΒ Dajena’s request, a while back…
Just getting around to it. Thought it would make a nice page break in between the WarSong Trilogy and whatever happens next

These are just some songs I have in what I call my “PANTHEON” play list.
Listened to it a lot while I was writing all the pieces from Queen of Hearts, PANTHEON, and WarSong
I grouped together the songs based on which one of the goddesses I associate with them more….But they certainly don’t match some of the settings that I placed them in….

Except Karma….She runs a Nightclub called “DESTINY”…
So Her music pretty much fits anywhere.
And of course She has more than anyone else.







Wishing everyone a great New Year.

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  1. sirenlost says:

    This is beyond awesome. Thank you for sharing it. I have to be careful which playlist I listen to when I write … the emotions brought to surface from some songs seeps into the way the words escape my heart.

  2. Sky D Sky says:

    In a similar way my longer poems were made but since I’ve started with the short forms I almost neglected that kind of poetry. I still listen to music to set amood, but the final results usually have no connection on the first sight. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your inspiration. It’s really a great idea. To be honest, I’ve never heard anything from this playlist, or I just think so, so I will have to come back again πŸ™‚

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Sky!! It’s so interesting to learn how other people do things too. I hope you enjoy them..I’ve listened to all of them a lot lately.

  3. Larysia says:

    Interesting idea! Going to listen to all of these tomorrow while I work on humdrum orders!

  4. Rita says:

    WOW!!!!! I have a whole new playlist for the iPod. Thank you my brother.

  5. moonskittles says:

    Such a fun list. I will have to keep coming back to enjoy the songs individually, but so far my favorite is the one by Verona – Dark in My Imagination.
    Thank you for indulging me and sharing this music with us. A beautiful window into your world πŸ˜€

  6. Whoa! Lots to dive into. I don’t know most of it and I love to discover new music. Already listened to two that I really like. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  7. J.D. Estrada says:

    I actually do write while listening to the music. Always influences the rhythm of whatever I’m writing. Will listen go this but interesting list to say the last. Cheers

  8. Eric, I am moved to see you posting your inspirations. I’m going to put them in my Spotify right now. You have a beautiful soul ❀

  9. Eric says:

    πŸ™‚ ❀ I hope you enjoy them. The playlist has grown by at least 5 or 6 tracks since I posted this. πŸ™‚

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