Quiet on the Set….

“Even though I save the Day, I know It’s not my Victory”

I heard that for the first time today. In a song…
In a playlist I never really visit
Inside a track I never really listen to
It wasn’t written by my hand
It didn’t originate in My mind…
It’s true though
Here’s the Mountain side
Here’s where Bold Prometheus
was chained
For his crime of Compassion
For living among Humanity and Seeing
And in doing something about it
So sealed His fate
and drew Zeus’ anger
The cogs within this Poet’s Heart
are not perfect
They creak and they whine
They slip and jam
They beg to be oiled
And I continually throw words
into them
To be ground up
They turn more quietly
on the Viscera of Promises
Do not speak to Me of Peace
Nor the consolations of Mercies
This engine of creation
Is beautiful
But it gets its energy
From a terrible and disturbing place
A War-Torn landscape
Grown over with fields of WildFlowers
But powerful relics sleep beneath that Soil
and cry out for Sacrifice to keep them buried
Demand time spent
under the heavy spotlights
Everything will be ok
it’s in the script
I’ll stop the runaway train
before it plummets over the cliff
I’ll land that airplane
while the captain bleeds in the copilot chair
I’ll find a cure for the disease
before the Zombies tear apart the building
I’ll cut the blue wire
just as the timer reaches 0:00:01
I’ll save Her heart from breaking
and in the process, save Mine
I wonder what song they will play
over this part?
Just as the dialog finishes….
What feelings are going to end up
on the cutting room floor
When they shut off the camera
and retract the sound boom
When the leading lady is whisked
away to Her trailer
They’ll wheel away the Trees
and the Ocean
and the Sun
Pack it all away in foam pellets
Shove another screen-play into my Arms
Pat me on the back and say
“You’re going to really like this one….”

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21 Responses to Quiet on the Set….

  1. Ms. Vee says:

    Oh Eric, you never cease to amaze me. Keep up the fantastic writing! Blessings and peace. 🙂

  2. Atomic Words says:

    Oh my! Eric I would say you’ve out done yourself but that’s just not adequate because you always do. I read and think I have found my favs of your work then you go And do something like this getting me all worked up and confused. Very good job! Bravo! Well done! Encore!!!!

    • Eric says:

      Oh thank you so much!!!! I can’t tell you how a comment like this makes my heart soar! I’m really very honored that you read my work and very humbled by your appreciation of it.

  3. Love your words… always impressed with the artistry

  4. Rita says:

    Brother, I don’t even know how to comprehend your gift. You amaze me. You truly and sincerely amaze me. Love to you ❤

  5. Geetha B says:

    This is really beautiful Eric. Sometimes we do get that absurd and painful impression from our lives that it is all a staged event. Karma can be deadly in its twists sometimes. Your poem made me think of a movie which depicts something similar. It is called Holy Motors, quite something to watch

  6. Fantastic piece. Absolutely love the ending tied in with the title. Brilliant that.

  7. moonskittles says:

    And here is the brilliance unveiled before our eyes. A touch of lyricism, a touch of striking reality, and a perfect touch of you! Loved it! 🙂

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