Oceanus Procellarum….
Mare Tranquillitatis….
Mare Insullarum….

I lie here.

Luna, my only confidant
Here on My Broken Island
In this Shattered Empire
Of which, I bear the Crown

The medicine I need to
Repair these torn wings
Can only be found here
It is distilled between words
Traveling from my mind
To the paper

I chose to live in the mountains
But I visit the beaches

At night….

The Sirens call and the hollow
Place in my chest drags me down
To the waves
I happily throw myself into the surf
Of broken glass
Let it cut me to ribbons, screaming
“Take me! Drag me under the surface!!! I’d die a thousand deaths with you!”
But I’m still here

Tell the Maid of Orleans
I serve Her still
I’ll wear this broken Armor
And ride to Her banner

I found her deep in the
Inland Forest
She appeared to Me
In a conflagration of Fireflies
I heard Her voice speaking
From the swirling galaxy
At Her core

It makes My hands Shake…

It tells me not to be afraid
But, She has a hurricane
Behind Her eyes

I fall upon knees
Tortured by labor and age
Crying out to the gates of Heaven
What more can I give?

By water in this place
But not a drop to soothe a torn throat
Nor cleanse these festering wounds

But for all my disgrace
She has not abandoned Me….

When I am punch drunk on the Shore
When I have bludgeoned myself enough
on the rocks of My uncertainty

She kneels next to My bleeding body
with powerful arms
covered in tattooed murals
of the days of My life

She pulls Me to Her bosom
so that I might Hear that which She keeps
For Me,
buried deep inside Her

Is it any wonder why
I have pledged My life to Her?

And I’d joyously return home
To the bright shores of My
If I could walk on water.

Every ship I write into existence here
Has gilded boards
Masts that kiss the sun
But they remain rudderless
No matter how good my skill at the wheel

So I sink them in the lagoon
Turn up the same song on repeat
Earbuds so loud I’m sure my ears bleed
drown myself in Music…
Until I forget their existence

And so springs another….

And another….

Until the wreckage rises
From the emerald water
Slamming the door on
Any hope of rescue

I’ll wander these moonlit sands
Until I Shall meet with Her again
She will give to me a gift,

A life-sustaining heirloom of My youngest days
and say…

Rest now and be still…for I have been holding this for you.

And fearing no longer for the future…I will place a tender kiss on the naked edge of Her sword and say,

“I am ready to go home”


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35 Responses to Stranded….

  1. Mr Modigliani says:

    I am just astounded by this and need to read it several more times. You must have to go somewhere very deep within yourself when writing.

  2. My favorite verse

    The medicine I need to
    Repair these torn wings
    Can only be found here
    It is distilled between words
    Traveling from my mind
    To the paper

    Love the homage to your roots.
    Now I want some gumbo.
    Do you have a Cajun accent?

  3. rachel says:

    i love the ties to nola in this poem. must be mardi gras in the air. sweet peace to you my friend. xo

  4. sirenlost says:

    I’m thinking of throwing myself under the waves to find the Siren’s call again. Exquisite in meaning and imagery, Poet.

  5. Eric says:

    Thank you, Vic!! I appreciate you being here! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! Mr. Poet Extraordinaire! This is amazing, and something that I will come back to read again with a wonderful cup of tea. So captivating! β™₯

  7. Ms. Vee says:

    This is wonderful Eric! After reading your post, I feel as if I have been traveling! Blessings and peace!

  8. Rita says:

    Oh, Eric. I love, love, love this.

    “And I’d joyously return home
    To the bright shores of My
    If I could walk on water.”

    Hits me hard, my bro. I truly stay amazed.

  9. Geetha B says:

    This is so beautiful Eric and so haunting it left me spellbound. You are a born storyteller and so full of emotion it simply oozes out of the screen even when just reading you. I love your readings of your poems too. It’s a pity you don’t put them here but leave them only on the other website because I am having trouble juggling between websites these days.
    Sometimes when I read these kind of poems you post, I am tempted not to send any healing light your way because your pain can be so beautifully creative but then I think again and remember that you also write of love and happiness very beautifully so I decide to send you some love and healing light all the same. Be well knight of poets πŸ™‚

  10. moonskittles says:

    Captivated with each word, each description, each pause.. the stories you tell are enchanting! I absolutely loved how you ended it!

  11. Beautiful words and images, Eric. You are a painter. πŸ’• #mast

  12. mahekmithare says:

    Hey youve got a wonderful collection of words out here…

    Id love it if you could visit mine too.. :’)

  13. Sublime and entrancing…loved especially the last part!

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