#2 Ticonderoga…

She’s back from work early.
Keys jingling
The pop of the lock
The soft ka-chunk of the heavy
Wood closing
The thump of Her purse
Being dropped in its place
Just inside the doorway
Under the coat rack

Tinkling of bottles
In the fridge door
Open and close
Water runs at the
Kitchen sink

I spend agonizing minutes
Listening to the click – clock
Of Her heels on the floor

Until the bedroom door opens
And She steps into the room
The faint whirring
Of the Air conditioner
Carries Her scent to me
Jasmine and Clove
It drifts like a wave of
Olfactory Sensuality
I could breathe it in all day

But it’s nothing compared to
The sight of Her
Golden Hair pulled back
To explode into a blossom
Of blonde spiral curls dripping
Down Her back

Dark framed glasses
Outlining eyes of emeralds
Perfectly traced in black
Shadows of the afternoon
On Her lids

Crimson lips, puckered in thought
About what to do with Me
Arms folded…
Her chest softly rises and falls
Behind those hands whose touch
I ache to feel

A black skirt hugs Her hips
Like the skin of an apple
Holds the tender flesh inside
Her luxurious legs
Are Embraced in velvet smoke
Ending in pumps
Softly clicking their way now
Across the floor to where
She left me

She pulls the nearby desk chair
Over and sits
So close I can hear Her breathing
Crossing one leg over the other
Her skirt travels several inches up
To expose the top of Her stockings
At the bottom of her thigh

My heart thumps and pounds
In my ears as She watches me
She seems to know the torment
She creates in delaying the
Action I want so desperately

I upset Her, when last we
Were together

Just when I think I can stand
The waiting and the near silence
No longer
I feel Her touch Me

Gently She takes me into
Her hand
My head swoons at the feeling
Of Her warm flesh around Me
Deftly placing me in her grip
Resting my tip in the valley of
Silk between Her thumb and
Forefinger, the rest of Her hand
Cradling me against
Tantalizing softness

She begins with soft, slow strokes
The beginning is easy
I can concentrate on the ramping
Emotions while She works

At times She will increase Her pace
And it will be difficult for me
To maintain my composure
I try to focus on thoughts of
Pleasing Her
holding back
A tidal wave because I know
She wants to use me as long
as possible

Graciously, She will eventually slow down
And I am able to regroup and stabilize my desire
Until She is ready to begin again.

On occasion She will stop for several minutes
and place me along side of her.
Positioning Me against Her thigh
Softly rubbing the soft end of Me
Against that exposed flesh there
It is difficult not beg for mercy when She does this

However…I’ll admit it is almost impossible to remain composed when

She places me at Her lips

Resting against them
Gently rubbing sometimes…
other times She will place me

fully inside Her mouth

Holding me there at the edge of sanity
I surrender completely and revel
in the feel of Her teeth gently sinking into my flesh…
Her tongue moving against me…
Her fiery breath caressing me with each exhalation.

These torments will continue for hours on end, until She is finally pleased with My behavior..

As together we have created something
Wonderful and Amazing

And wishing to keep me close to Her
She will not return Me to the place where She usually leaves Me..

She grants me the most sacred of lodgings…

Tucked neatly and warm…
Behind Her ear
Nestled, snug and contented….
Near the genius of Her mind

From Whence come the beautiful images
She uses my body to transfer to the page.

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41 Responses to #2 Ticonderoga…

  1. rachel says:

    that is one HOT pencil!

  2. Dammit, man! I was expecting the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga!
    And then… I was surprised.
    And then I was laughing. πŸ˜€

  3. Eric… This is written with such passion your descriptions are always spot on! I re-read several of the middle and last stanzas! Whoaaaaaa! Smoking! Whew! Love this one! ❀️🌟

  4. Wow! Not what I was expecting, but oh-so-happily surprised! This was amazing, and so perfectly detailed! β™₯

  5. Eric, you are naughty. I will never look at a pencil in the same way. Gives new meaning to penciling someone in

  6. Mr Modigliani says:

    I must say that this whole community has been turning up the heat lately. I hope she used you to her full satisfaction. Great work

  7. moonskittles says:

    Well.. gulp.. I confess openly to have done everything you described to ALL my pencils πŸ˜€

  8. Eric says:

    Lol! Was worried I might have gone all 50 shades all of a sudden huh? πŸ˜‰ ❀

  9. Brilliant…I had to read this piece twice to understand the sense of the words.

  10. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Love this so much! ❀️ Not what I was expecting from a #2 pencil, but it was a lovely surprise! πŸ˜‰

    Sorry for all of the random comments – just found your blog, and I suppose I’m just trying to catch up, Eric! πŸ˜€ Thoroughly enjoying your writing! 😊

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