With or Without You….

Big Daddy’s
Rue Bourbon
We’d always walk by
the open doorway
hawker with the
Italian pinstripe Suit
“Come on in boys!”
“how old?”
Show ID’s
Come back when you’re Legal
Terra’s 21st trip around our Sun
During My lifetime
This time we’re goin in
Slide the license back in my wallet
Two drink minimum
lights are low
except for right over the tables
miniature spotlights
thundering music
from somewhere in the ceiling
What’s that?
Can’t hear you
Oh Her?
yeah, She’s fine!
Wow, look at that one
I’m gonna get a lap dance
Birdman?…You in?
I have to endure that nickname
tonight too?
come on guys
I’m sweating
So nervous
Grateful for the A/C vent over our Table
“Nah…i’m cool.”
“Ha! He’s scared!”
No I’m not (i’m terrified)
Just don’t have that much cash
Garden Center at walmart pays $2.50 an hour
Drinks are 5 bucks a pop
two drink minimum
or the guy at the door throws you out
we’ve seen it
I’m choking down my second
Water and 7up
Girls all over the place
Is She coming over Here?
Bravado Incarnate
I’m having a great time
is that pounding the bass
of the sound system
or my heart?
We’ve been here long enough…
“It’s getting late…you guys ready to go?”
“Ha! He’s scared.”
“No I’m not….(I’m terrified)
Women are mythical beasts
They always stand way off in my distance
They are never this close
or that close
“I guess we can get going…”
“Thank God!!!”
I’m first up…head for the door
Patrick left his coat
Goes back to get it
Stand off to the side
still in the building
Man’s voice over the PA
“Give it up for the lovely Amber.”
They all have these names
The stage is lit in electric blue
Music starts
steady bass line
“With or Without you”
She climbs up the back stairs of the stage
Steps into the azure shimmer
Black heels
Thigh high stockings
Black bikini Bottoms
A short black Tshirt
Cut to expose Her middle
small diamond Stud in her Belly Button
Jet black hair tumbles about Her shoulders
Black lipstick
She sways in time with the music
shallow Hip-rolls
tilts her head back on Her neck
Hair swirls around Her body
Her breasts are small under Her shirt
She reaches Her arms over Her head
Clasping her hands together for a brief moment
Then slowly spreading them out to the sides
to come back to rest at Her gorgeous hips
Her skin is an enchantment against Her black clothes
The blue light makes her look like Magic
She is magic
And My feet have been wandering ever forward
Halfway through the song
I am within arms reach of the stage
She has absolutely conquered my Heart
She pulls the shirt up and over Her head
dropping it at Her feet
revealing Her beautiful form
The graceful curves of Her body
A pale blue angel
with adornments of Midnight
She hooks Her knee around
the brass pole at the end of the stage
Swinging gently in a slow circle
Her hair brushes My hand
as She goes by
She hangs Her head back
eyes closed, dark lids
and the perfect frame of Her lips
slightly parted in a sullen smile
for a brief moment
her eyes open as She goes by Me
a Second time
They’re a lighter Shade
The blue light is making it difficult
I have to know what color they are
The song is ending
Her orbit around the pole
And She comes to rest
on Her back
With Her hair and head hanging
over the front
final notes trailing off
She slides back to Her feet with
the grace of a Cat
Scoops up Her Shirt
Makes for the back of the stage
Cowardice says “let’s go.”
I have to know….
My friends are probably leaving without Me
She’s heading to the bar
I can catch her if I hurry
She’s adjusted Her shirt down
pulling the length of Midnight
through the neck
and over Her shoulder
Reach in My pocket
Ten bucks
Tap Her on The Shoulder
She turns
My God, She’s Beautiful
Ebony Lips part
White teeth
Force My brown eyes
to connect with Her green
They’re green.
Hold the money out
She takes it
Her nails are painted dark red
Couldn’t tell in the lights
They looked black
say something Moron
She takes the money
“I thought you were the best.”
“Thanks, sweetie.”
She slips the 10 under the string
of Her bottoms
Which She never took off
Turns back to the bar
And I turn to return to My Buddies

22 years ago….

For everyone else
it was a few hours at the titty bar

……for everyone else, it was….No big deal….

Thank you, “Amber”

You have no idea how Amazing that was….

True Story.


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25 Responses to With or Without You….

  1. This was unexpected. Ha-ha. Here’s to Amber. πŸ˜‰ xx

  2. Rita says:

    That is FRIGGIN’ awesome, Brother. I love this. Thank you for sharing. β€œHa! He’s scared!” No I’m not (i’m terrified). Oh, the angst of young lust.

  3. Eric says:

    Lol! I wasn’t allowed to go too many more times. They don’t like it when you fall in love with the strippers. Lol!

  4. Eric says:

    Lol. No more sweaty ten dollar bills and awkward compliments. πŸ˜‰

  5. rachel says:

    pretty sweet. πŸ’™

  6. Ms. Vee says:

    Great post Eric! Cheers to AmberπŸ˜ƒ

  7. Larysia says:

    I’m sure Amber would be honored to be remembered and commemorated in word this way, Poet πŸ˜€
    Really does make me think about the impact we’ve all had on people and never known.

  8. moonskittles says:

    What a trip down to young memory lane. A new side of you here Eric.
    – Dajena πŸ™‚

  9. Jackiedm69 says:

    Awesome story…cheers to Amber!

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