Julia Marlowe actress 1866-1950

They say
She was born
in That
massive Thunderstorm
in 66′

They didn’t mean
She come into this
World through
her Mother

What they meant
was that the lightning
Came down
and split the ground

like Aphrodite
Rising from
The Waves
She stepped onto this
Cursed Earth

And with each and every
step She took
Throughout Her life
She left behind Smoldering

They called Her a Witch,

Said Horses Spooked
at the mention of Her name
When She left a room
Flowers would wilt and
Cream would turn sour

Said Her Papa
had made a deal with
The ruinous powers
Cheatin’ at cards

Devil came to collect
Left a fever
and his Mark on
Her Momma

One Sunday
Preacher stopped his Sermon
When She walked into
the back of the Chapel
Sat in the last row
Not sayin nothin….
Just Watching.

I met Her at
the Green Brier Saloon
One of a flock
of Soiled Doves

She wasn’t Mute
But She didn’t talk much
No real need for talkin

My hands have seen
a tough life’s work
Scars and calluses
beaten by the Western Sun
into rocks and sand

Didn’t seem right
Touching Her

Every time I was
with Her
She’d take the face bowl
off the side table
Fill it with cool water

She’d set on the bed
and wipe away
at my face and hands
Ringing the dust out
of the rag
over and over

Straddlin’ My Lap
In nothing but that
Cameo Choker
She wore
It was hard to consider
Her a tortured Soul

But when She
Was done she’d set
The water aside
and she would take
My hands
And hold them against
Her cheeks

And look me in
The eye
The whole time…

There was a sadness there
Something behind
Those dark orbs
Pleading with Me

Something Ancient
And sent here from
Somewhere Else

I heard She told
One of the other girls
She was an Angel
And this world was
Pulling Her feathers out
One by one

So when She
Finally disappeared
I expected for it to be
In a ball of flame and fury
And righteous resolution.

When I came up
To the room
same as always…

next to the face bowl on the table
There was a faded picture …

And next to that
A single white feather…

…and I carried them with me
The rest of My days.

About Eric

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32 Responses to Julia…

  1. rachel says:

    oh eric. you did it again. xo

  2. So beautiful Eric! I love the story that you wove. Perfection!

  3. What a stunning tribute. Very cool.

  4. sirenlost says:

    I truly forget to breathe when I read your words … until I reach the end and let out a never ending sigh that does nothing to alleviate the ache you leave in my heart. ❀

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Siren. I appreciate so much that you feel such strong emotions with my words. And I hope the ache does not stay too long. All my best, Poetess. β™‘

  5. Rita says:

    As if I didn’t already love you, this seals the deal. Out of all that I love, you chose the three things that make up my heart of hearts: the West, history and romance. Then tease me with Somewhere in Time (while, btw, I listen to Rachmaninoff on my iPod).

    I wonder where you came from at times too πŸ’‹β€οΈ

    • Eric says:

      Love you too. I wonder as well..sometimes I get the feeling I ahead or behind time. But perhaps one of the reasons I’m here now is so we could share a smile over this piece. πŸ˜‰ ❀ it’s been a musical morning for me too. Have a great day, Sister of Mine.

  6. This is lovely…stunning tribute.

  7. Nice! Great story-telling as always and a very cool ending. πŸ™‚

  8. Eric says:

    Thank you Vic! And thank you for being here, WP has been told you are not, in fact, Spam but a beloved member of my WP family. ❀

  9. Kristi says:

    ohmygoodness. this was incredible Eric. just loved this.

  10. light in the dark says:

    So not only do you compose like you were made of ink and your fingers quills but you may very well carry an intuition that may be hard to beat I believe. Please don’t ever stop writing ❀

    • Eric says:

      Oh L!! This may be the warmest and sweetest comment I’ve ever gotten. Thank you so much. Continuing to write is easy when there are people like you. πŸ™‚ β™‘

  11. Heartafire says:

    A stunning tribute to this lady (they called her Fanny). An amazing piece of writing, read it three times now! Bravo!

  12. Geetha B says:

    Beautiful Eric. Kudos for this write!

  13. You’ve made me want to see Somewhere in Time. πŸ’—

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