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Thank you

I just wanted to make a quick post to show you how each one of you has made my interest and my skill in writing grow. When I looked at this graph today, it is absolutely apparent that I am … Continue reading

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Thyme, Honey and Clove…

Thyme Honey and Clove Ribbons in Her Auburn waves She wove A daughter of Sunlight framed in brown Would place upon my head a Flowered Crown And kisses upon my cheeks So sweet My pretentious heart misses a beat Her … Continue reading

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Shadows and Glass Heartache and Wine Votive Flame Distance and Time I Remember the Collision between your Soul and Mine  

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Near the hollow Where the babbling brook plays Where willows bow Their shaggy helms Juniper kneels to Holly And Oaks remove their crowns There lived a maid The daughter of a giant Though she inherited no great height Nor the … Continue reading

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Starts the same way I’m at first position and She is elbow deep in My chest Cupping her hands around my heart She rubs gently with her thumbs under the atria Once the music starts it’s hard to hold onto … Continue reading

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Last Stand…

This battle rages night after day each time She has returned To this place beneath Japanese Magnolia and Crepe Myrtle a place where a defensive line can be formed the Engetsu the Crescent Moon a place of respite against his … Continue reading

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Solar circumnavigation #44

Aboard this living starship Mother Terra Who will notice my passing No more than a dog Notices the death of One flea I am thankful for The hearts that love me The talents I possess The opportunity to learn The … Continue reading

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My eyes are closed but this does not mean I can’t perceive. As when my face is upturned to the terran sky and sunlight is shone upon shuttered lids it casts a ruddy glow upon the protected lens and warms … Continue reading

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Involuntary response…

Sitting here With Her Inside the Corona Of Her Star It is impossible for My Heart to freeze Nor can Shadows loom long upon My doorstep Despair is vanquished By the Flaming blade of Her firebrand Smile and troubling thoughts … Continue reading

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Valkyrie: Act 4…

VALKYRIE Act 4 by: Eric Syrdal Dramatis Personae Kara – A Valkyrie, in disguise as a humble milkmaid so she can be close to a mortal she has fallen in love with. She is desperate to take him with Her … Continue reading

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