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Relics of the Heart…

So something very cool happened yesterday. A friend of mine and his wife, own a flea market/thrift store They frequently get their items from estate sales… He called me up and asked if I would come over and take a … Continue reading

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Eyes of a Muse…

Her eyes were not the cobalt of the water nor the cerulean sky not even the indigo of the way his heart ached for hers it was the steel-blue from The heart of a blade it was gracious forbearance in … Continue reading

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Soror Corde…

She was a Shieldmaiden and nothing spread such a bright smile across my bloodstained cheeks so quickly than the sight of Her riding into my Camp thunder-hoofed retinue banners caught in the winds of victory fire and ash flying among … Continue reading

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Evoco ex Verbis…

When words fail I come down from the mountains Removed a stone from this ivy dappled wall and ground it into powder with careful steps and trembling hands sow the dust into the earth then with the sacred blade spill … Continue reading

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Hold tight to pattern recognition Sweet Angel of History found in a matrix of Antiquity Lost days of Summer Sun Reclaimed and Anointed with the water of My Youth deep within the bowels of these ruined archives pull to me … Continue reading

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That time Jodie stalled our DnD game from 30 years in our past……

So it should come as no surprise, to anyone who reads this blog, that every Wednesday night I play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, the Role playing game. Though there may be many who read this who are acquainted with the … Continue reading

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A curious spirit A blessing not bestowed upon Her by anyone Except Herself to carry secrets so close to Her ample bosom embracing day dreams and nightmares so completely to keep them from shattering upon a fragile heart to keep … Continue reading

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A little food, a little music and great architecture…

So, I went to a charity event last night my company sponsored. I wasn’t feeling completely up to par if you read my post from yesterday, but as a direct result of the embarrassing incident with the steroid shot, I … Continue reading

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Common Cold creates Poetic Doldrums AND everybody’s got one….

Hey everyone, Been fighting a very tenacious chest cold over this weekend. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on my blog and I wanted everyone to know that I’ll get to answering asap! I … Continue reading

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The glimmering early morning golden light filters in through the Shadows of the city Coffee shop Sidewalk table I sit with my Cafe’ Au Lait Sipping creamy brown and wonderful between finger swipes I glance to The park across The … Continue reading

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