who stood in the primordial dark of the “Before Time”
who watched oceans of stars drift across the surface of the universe
who do not obey the man-made laws of time
who slumber beneath the tree of life
who escape the pages of the great book
who live beyond the reach of sunlight in the walls of the cities
who trade chunks of our souls for happiness
who dip our pens in the well of our own pain
who stand upon the brink
who hear the sky crack
who paint the portraits
of the fell things that live in the deep shadows of our hearts
The things that call us by name
The things that sit
with the Ichor of our Souls
On their razor-sharp talons
And with fetid maws
ripe with the carrion of our most sacred moments
sing nursery rhymes
about courage
who are terrified to find that we cannot unsee

About Eric

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20 Responses to We

  1. I truly love this, Brother. Great imagery all the way through.

  2. Eric says:

    We are. And we do. ❤❤❤

  3. augustmacgregor says:

    An exploration into dark territories and have the wildness to write about it. I loved the line “who dip our pens in the well of our own pain” — as that is a great way to describe writing that comes from our gut. Not from our heads in the wish to impress people with dazzling word-play. But then, I didn’t just like that single line — I liked the whole poem, with the exquisite imagery you described.

  4. This is wonderful, every line — but this one spoke to me, “who dip our pens in the well of our own pain”….beautiful! ♥

  5. Eric says:

    *hugs* thank you, Vic. 😚 ❤

  6. Rita says:

    Oh, my Brother this is divine.

  7. We write the darkness so we can live in the light. Beautiful poem!

  8. Purpleanais says:

    I know you as someone who writes beautiful words about the light, but man can you do dark as well! This is sensational ❤

  9. I absolutely adore this piece. Beautifully done. ❤️ And so quotable I can’t choose a line… I’m rereading.

  10. moonskittles says:

    Ahh, now your comment on my piece makes more sense. Yes indeed “we” do! Hugs!

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