When the evening had ended
I stood with you
at your front door
the galaxy of the night
swirled around us
Wind in the magnolia
jasmine and angel trumpet
the thrumming heartbeat
of midnight
cricket song swelled from
the garden
my thunderous heartbeat
their metronome
my mind was a logjam
struggling to understand
how we could make the journey
from this moment
to a future where I would
sit next to you
on the bed
in your room
and marvel at you
In nothing but my t-shirt
and how these
very same rays of sunlight
reflected by the surface
of the moon
Will convince my eyes
That what sits before Me
is constructed
not of the same plebeian flesh
as I
but more beautiful still,
was constructed
billions of years ago
by the heat of collapsing stars
coalescing here
in this place
on this stage where I have
but one opening night
to get this right
and I
reserved and unpretentious
eschewed the soft expanse
of your Goddess cheek
and instead took your hand
to kiss
and my lips
came away with

About Eric

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35 Responses to Stardust…

  1. Tony says:

    Freakin’ awesome!

  2. How romantic and love the Southern flavors.

  3. Rita says:

    Eric, this is fabulous❤️

  4. rachel says:

    so good i had to read it twice. xo

  5. Heartafire says:

    Eric, blown away as usual. 😀

  6. Wow! This is stunning! You see, I wasn’t calling you Poet Extraordinaire for nothing! ♥

  7. augustmacgregor says:

    An epic night with Madame Stardust. There might not be future in the cards, but what a wonderful memory of that night.

  8. Mr Modigliani says:

    Very lovely Eric. You convey this feeling of always being enchanted by your female muses.

  9. Eric says:

    thank you, Vic! love your sighs! 😉

  10. Eric says:

    🙂 I agree. ❤

  11. Purpleanais says:

    Nothing to say but freaking outstanding! ❤

  12. Beautiful. And those last few lines are stunning. 💫

  13. sana001 says:

    Beautifully written.. 🙂

  14. moonskittles says:

    Oh Eric, you are a star, sprinkling your magical dust upon each of your creations!

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