A little food, a little music and great architecture…


So, I went to a charity event last night my company sponsored. I wasn’t feeling completely up to par if you read my post from yesterday, but as a direct result of the embarrassing incident with the steroid shot, I was feeling a lot better than I had been!

Turns out it was a wonderful thing to attend:
All you could eat GREAT food from all of the biggest “high class” restaurants in Louisiana.
A great live band who was really awesome at playing some of my favorite music from the Swing/Big Band era..
and why is that Era so important?
Because the whole thing was being held in this GORGEOUS place:

 10414341405_dfd4a40e5e_bNew Orleans Lakefront Airport

I feel like I should include a disclaimer here:
I frequently fall in love with buildings just as much as people….
If said building was built in the Art Deco style…..I swoon even harder.

20160412_194814 20160412_194825 20160412_194806I was absolutely smitten with her.

The airport was the only major airway that serviced the city directly. Being directly on the shore of lake Pontchartrain during Katrina. She suffered heavy damage.

For a long time the owner, along with several restoration companies, painstakingly put her back together again. She is breathtaking to witness…for me anyway….


Her original dedication plaque


View from the upper floor balcony


These bas relief facades go all around the upper floor. Depicting aircraft being built, maintained and in use.

20160412_174416 20160412_174214 20160412_174356Beautiful Murals line the walls upstairs

20160412_181122 20160412_174225The ceiling has a fantastic mosaic patter and the light fixtures are absolutely stunning in shape and design.
I love the angular shapes of the Art deco design especially metal grill-work like this:

20160412_174249And I found the old phone bank, of course no rotary phones to be seen. 😦


I think this compass rose set into the floor is the best feature. couldn’t really see it very well. too many people. 20160412_192436


I know I didn’t take any pictures of food..but quite honestly the only time I got to take pictures was when I wasn’t stuffing my face.  They had just about any kind of food you could want. And yes…it was all delicious. Especially the praline crapes…which I may or may not have had 3 of….

Being in this style of building with the atmosphere of a party…music…food…conversation. It made me feel like any minute Gatsby might be coming in through the massive double front doors.

And though I felt like I was in a Fitzgerald story for a little while

This picture: 20160412_182259

Took WAY TOO much courage to ask for.

I’ll give you a brief snippet of the internal conversation going on in my head during this one:

“what are we doing?”
“taking a picture with a pretty woman.”
“I know that…I mean what are we doing with our right arm?”
“relaxing it?”
“shouldn’t it be around her waist?”
“I don’t know what are you asking me for?”
“Oh god……how did we ever manage to get married?”
“yeah…let’s go with that…say cheese, you dork.”

Jay Gatsby, I am not.

Another thing that was really awesome about this night, I finally got the inspiration I needed to place the beginning of my next Pantheon story.

So I’ll be getting to that very soon.

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19 Responses to A little food, a little music and great architecture…

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful building. Great post.

  2. rachel says:

    art deco!! awesome!

  3. Holy moly. What a building. I’m no Jay Gatsby either. I feel ya, bro. 🙂

  4. Rita says:

    I LOVE THIS! and I love you, lil brother.

  5. moonskittles says:

    I absolutely agree! I have fallen in love over and again with many buildings. There was this one particular house, I would always pass by on my way to and from school in high school.. sigh.. Lovely post Mr. Gatsby! Glad you enjoyed the event, and a bit jealous about the food. What was your favorite by the way? 🙂

  6. jennyhayut says:

    What a beautiful building! I’m jealous! Totally Gatsby worthy! Rest assured you are not alone geeking over buildings. And psssst…I’m just as bad with cemetaries. It’s why I love going to DC…the history there….WOW….loved reading this, got a little hungry mid way and when you mentioned the praline goodies I was spent. Thanks alot Eric! And you my dear are charming…That right arm…I giggled…

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