Soror Corde…

battlescarsShe was a Shieldmaiden
and nothing
spread such a bright smile
across my bloodstained
cheeks so quickly
than the sight of Her
riding into my Camp
thunder-hoofed retinue
banners caught in the
winds of victory
fire and ash flying
among her braided tresses
amid the twilight hours
when the battle long-fought
was fresh upon our lips
as we sat illuminated in the
glow of the council fire
and laughed at the shadows
cast by our responsibilities
mocked how they
failed ever-so-menacingly
to frighten our souls
two warriors
safe within the company
of our combined fortitude
mending our armor
vulnerable and soft
easy prey to naked blades
within arms reach
speaking of scars
and shattered shields
defeat was always a winged specter
at these communions
but never able to breach
the circle of light
between our shared pain
But this day
She comes alone
no dust cloud raised
above the tents of the War Camp
she treads upon
barren ground
an angel
among the weathered detritus
I rush to her presence
hoping to find this fear
creeping up the back of my mind
To be little more than
an over-thought
but the truth holds fast
behind my eyes
when I look to hers
and see the redness of
anguished tears
her shield rests upon
her back
her blade asleep in
its scabbard
my feet grind to a halt
unwilling to carry me
to this fated departure
there is no place
in my soul
to store the supply of dread
that means the absence
of her light
battles must be fought
wherever the enemy strikes
and sometimes our front lines
are out of reach
of our allies
with trembling lips
I force my disappointment
down into the bowels
of this castle
when I offer my sword
to her
with gentle and quiet
bid me return it to my hip
with hallowed words
she delivers to me
a benediction
that I should understand
I have not abandoned
my support to her fight
I have “helped more than I know”
but no more?
Shall I hear the cheers of huzzah!
from her battle line
as she routs the enemy
as I have defended her flank
no more?
Shall I supply a rear guard
to her defense
as she withdraws to reform
and are my
flanks yet vulnerable?
and will my forces be cut down
as I attempt to rally?
she tells me that
my prowess can be put to better use
aye, swords can chop wood for the fire
but that is not what swords are for
indeed, a shield can block the midday sun
but heavens fire will rain down
yet even the strongest iron band
will snap under the will
of gravity
and I’ve not the strength to hold her
nor have I the right
so with an open palm I offer her peace
and in all things, victory
and I order the tallest tree
cut from the forest
yes I know the sin I commit
mother nature be damned
and I will accept whatever punishment
She enacts
I want my shieldmaiden’s
my ally’s
banner flown from the highest mast
that she may see it
e’re she looks back along her journey
and after her silhouette
has crossed the horizon
and is visible no more
to my stinging eyes
She may see it yet still
and know
In the heartbeat
between my dreams
and my reality

She lives…

and I travel
through the day
with the Shadow of her kiss
upon my heart

and I wish Her well.


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38 Responses to Soror Corde…

  1. Lovely way to start the day! 😊 Simply beautiful!

  2. Rita says:

    This is fabulous and poignant, Brother

  3. This is bittersweet and beautiful.

  4. Larysia says:

    Wonderful highs and lows here, Eric! This is a wonderful piece.

  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    ohh…I don’t know whether I’m happy or not… They should be together, what will they do now? An end to the battle seems good, but it doesn’t sound like he wants that. Ha, I get so wrapped up in your words, Poet. This is beautiful! 🙂

  6. I am swept away! So visual and palpable at the same time. And it makes me want to find my old friends…. ❤️

  7. Elizabeth Helmich says:

    Lovely, as always, a wonderful remembrance. I hope your Shieldmaiden fairs well, in whichever wind her boat has sailed with.

  8. Beautiful.

    I adore this part:
    “two warriors
    safe within the company
    of our combined fortitude
    mending our armor
    vulnerable and soft
    easy prey to naked blades
    within arms reach
    speaking of scars
    and shattered shields”

  9. Oh wow I totally LOVE this! I love a strong shield-maiden.

  10. This piece is so romantic. I barely took a breath from start to finish. Beautiful, my friend.

  11. Purpleanais says:

    Oh, what an epic and gorgeous story you have told here, Eric! Fantastic 💜

  12. jrd1974 says:

    Wow! Amazing. I loved this poem. You write like a medieval nobleman.

  13. Souldiergirl says:

    Oh Eric!!! You’ve truly brought tears to my eyes. I felt that banner, I truly did. You have touched such a deep place within me. Your words are incredible and so meaningful. Please know you are irreplaceable. Thank you for this gift! I feel so loved and warm. I’m really in awe. Thank you for everything, this whole time.

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