Relics of the Heart…

20160428_221837So something very cool happened yesterday.
A friend of mine and his wife, own a flea market/thrift store
They frequently get their items from estate sales…
He called me up and asked if I would come over and take a look at something they found

When I got there he gave me this book.

He told me, it was a collection of writing from a man who had recently died. The writings are all from the world war II era.

At the estate sale, he picked it up and the family told them they could have it…when he looked through it and saw that it contained poetry..he told them they might want to hang on to it. Everyone refused…no one wanted it….that’s pretty shitty…Yes, I know I’m judging people who have just lost a loved one…it’s still pretty shitty in my opinion.

So, of course, I told him I’d be happy to look at it and see if, in his words, “it is worth anything.”

Well, that’s pretty shitty too…because it’s poetry…it’s pieces of someone’s soul so that makes it instantly fucking priceless…

So I took it home and began reading it.

They are wonderful!!
They all rhyme in almost the same sequence…
But they are really good…and they reflect the era and the mood at the time…

Most of them are about relationships
Some of them are about the war…being IN the war..and what it was like


I only have one problem…

On the cover, written in pencil that can only be seen if you tilt it into the light is a name
Abel LaBorde


On the very last page is written
Morena LaBorde’s name and address at the time and the year 1945


I’m going to transfer some of the poems here so you can see them. I honestly can not tell if this is the writing of Abel or Morena….

Some of the poems have a masculine feel and some of them are very feminine…
and I don’t mean the mood of the poem…I mean the words that are being used…
The subject, speaking in the first person, has a definite sexual role (meaning they are taking the male or female voice in this poem)

But the penmanship is the same throughout…it was all written by the same person.


And there are w2 forms in the back, stuffed in among the pages for Morena..and they have her Social Security number on them.

Now this could very well be someone like me, who is comfortable writing from a male or a female perspective and can do so with a degree of intimacy that makes it hard to tell that something in a feminine voice was not written by a woman…and vice versa…

So I’m not closed to the idea that this may all belong to Abel and perhaps he is a good writer who can speak from a female point of view.

In the next few posts, I’ll see if you guys can help me figure it out.

It really is exciting reading someone else’s words and getting a window into an era I have studied A LOT about.

(from the second to last page)

Just the two of us alone
Tho’ millions pass us by
We’ll never see or hear them
and they know the reason why

What a wonderful dream, My Darling
Why did I have to awaken
to face the grim realities
of this life that’s so forsaken?

So I close my eyes again
and dream that you are here
You hold me close and whisper
There is nothing now to fear

and I’ll just keep on dreaming
from early morn til night
With hope and faith and prayers
We’re sure to win this fight

Keep hoping and praying my dear
and our dreams will all come true
the world will be at peace again
and I’ll really belong to you


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58 Responses to Relics of the Heart…

  1. Al Lane says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s not only a window into an era, but to another tender soul. Fascinating stuff!

  2. What a wonderful treasure! The picture showing Miss Morena LaBorde name and address, looks to me like it was written down to remember more than a signature? I could be wrong? lol You have the journal and know the feel of it more. But I love this kind of thing! It’s a ‘mystery treasure’ awaiting you to solve and appreciate it! What wonderful friends to think of you when they saw it!

  3. And it Miss, not Mrs. Laborde. Maybe it was a daughter? Or sister?

  4. Heartafire says:

    A treasure of a find. It’s so exciting. I don’t know how the family could let this go. I will be following this Eric, fascinating!

  5. rachel says:

    what a treasure!!

  6. Lovely verse. Shame the family didn’t want it. I’d love to have more of the poems my Dad wrote, but I do have a copy of his last.

  7. Mr Modigliani says:

    This is so fantastic. It is a good reminder that people and the nature of love have not really changed.

  8. Oh. My. God. This is amazingly cool. A treasure, indeed. Wow – a window into history through the eyes of the ones who lived to tell… I am thoroughly intrigued by the story! I do hope you uncover more details!

  9. It IS a priceless treasure! A diary of poetry. How fascinating. Thank you for sharing this, Eric πŸ™‚

  10. Rita says:

    You were right, brother! I am THRILLED to see this. The only things I have ever asked for as my family has passed over the last 57 years have been things written in their hand. For whatever reason, I feel close to them still when I hold something that they put their hand to and shared their thoughts and emotions. This is TRULY FABULOUS!

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Eric says:

    Thanks, Vic. I knew you’d love it! πŸ™‚ ❀

  12. Emily C says:

    Totally stunning! Makes me want to get back to handwriting my poetry!

    Please do share more of this when you can, I also love history!

  13. bino32 says:

    That’s a great poem! I think (so far) it was written by Abel to his fiancΓ©e. Firstly, he calls her Miss instead of Mrs and secondly the lines seem far to intimate to have been written to, say, his sister. The poem suggests they are parted and Abel hopes for them to be together again once the fight is over and the world at peace again. He seems to be involved in the WWII which would suggest the poem was written in or after 1941 when the USA declared war on Germany. As there’s a plane on the cover of the notebook, and a notebook is something really personal, I’d say Abel was a pilot with the US Army flying attacks overseas. This poem was his way of coping with the distance between him and his fiancΓ©e. For a pilot Fort Worth would make sense as in 1942 a military air base started operating there, which would also date the poem after 1942. Furthermore, the address of Miss Laborde is approx. 1.5 – 2 miles away from the military base which would make sense for a pilot to live close by.
    Anyways, those are all just assumptions after some really superficial research. Keep posting those poems! πŸ™‚

    • Eric says:

      Thank you so much for the insight! I appreciate you putting so much thought into this! After I post some of the other poems we can see if the opinion changes. Have a great day and thank you again!!!!

  14. Wow how fascinating. An incredible piece of history. Stunning, can’t wait to read more.

  15. Oh this is sweet goodness. Envious.

  16. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    This is really awesome, Eric! You’ve been given something of truly sentimental value. 😊 I believe the journal is in very good hands. Thank you for sharing this new discovery with everyone here. It is beautiful. πŸ˜€

  17. Eric says:

    It’s in the living room in my barrister case with my other antique books. πŸ˜‰ ❀

  18. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow! Fantastic find Eric. I’m so glad you rescued it but sad to his family, his words, his legacy, didn’t mean a thing. History is so important, and “history is textual as what textual is history” as new historicists in literature believe. It’s a very good poem. So far I think it’s guy. But I’m anxious to see more. πŸ™‚

  19. This is so incredibly cool. I LOVE this! How amazing. Looking into the heart, the poetry of someone gone (and through such an intense experience). ❀️❀️❀️ I adore the poem, too. Enjoy this priceless find. It was meant to wind up with you.

  20. This is amazing, Eric! I didn’t even have to read about your interest and excitement to know that you would be interested and excited about this. It’s perfect that it fell into your hands. πŸ™‚

    The “Lightenings in the Sky” poem is really interesting to me. For one, as you probably know, the P-38 fighters were designated “Lightnings.” I love letters/poems from the past and their insight into the times and events. Great poem.

    Also, it could be a different voice from the other one, I think. Which would mean, perhaps, Morena was writing down something that Abel sent to her (or vice versa).

    Looking forward to more of these! They are in good hands. πŸ™‚

    • Eric says:

      Kevin!! The P38 poem is two pages long! Can’t wait to post that one!

      I’m really enjoying having it. I’ll post some more about it, asap. πŸ™‚

  21. Purpleanais says:

    I’m so shocked and appalled that they didn’t want to keep it 😒

  22. moonskittles says:

    Wow, do you think it was a journal that went back and forth between two lovers?.. It certainly makes for great writing inspiration. Gorgeous find!
    ~ Dajena ❀

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