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The night air like a gentle lover’s fingers combed through her hair perhaps it found a kinship in its ebony hue it tussled and tossed her locks against the side of my face silken strands getting caught in the stubble … Continue reading

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delicious the prick of her stiletto heel on my thigh no pressure just feel she lifts my chin crimson fingertip, grin looking up at her I feel the hunger begin her flames will cook my heart I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Relics of the Heart 5…

So, kind of a long one here. It’s about a night-time air raid. It seems to be written from the perspective of a soldier on a military base It talks about a japanese fighter-bomber making a run I apologize before … Continue reading

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I want to live inside your heart I want to look through your eyes when you look in the mirror I want to be there inside you moving your lips to say “I love you” to your heart in your … Continue reading

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She takes a seat next to me her eyes the color of compassion and full to the brim with her love for that which she engenders inside me a single, thin braid hangs to the side of her face gathered … Continue reading

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Solar Erythema…

She was pink shoulders and strap lines Sundress floral dappled Freckled and wide-brimmed molten and sweltering In the summer heat And I couldn’t Help but Melt Audio

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Relics of the Heart 4…

Well, here we go again! The next two pieces are a bit of back and forth as far as trying to determine whose journal this was… The first one is untitled: I do hope I won’t have to say “Oh … Continue reading

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Mosquitoes humming in the humid haze still air no breeze to sway the arms of the ancient oak that shelters us from the scorching sun Spanish moss dangling like strips of grey lace We pair retreating to this shady rest, … Continue reading

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With each gentle word each graceful gesture of her spirit she enfolded herself around him reaching out with the winds of her affection holding his face in her hands she spoke words that were as soft kisses upon his weary … Continue reading

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Relics of the Heart 3

Something a bit more revealing with these next 3….or perhaps, more confusing. I’ve mentioned the name, Morena LaBorde, is written in the back of the book… Well this is the first piece where I see that name mentioned. You can … Continue reading

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