Muse on Holiday….

photo by Kristina Bychkova

photo by Kristina Bychkova


She left him
to go
where the glittering sun
casts velvet shadows
among the trees

She left him
to walk with her
bare toes
as the cool grasses
waved in the breeze

She left him
to follow the
as it giggled and skipped
over rocks, cold and clear

She left him
to sit with the
and listen to the music
of the song birds tickling her ears

She left him
her comfortable place
her makeup closed
her hairbrush left aside

She left him
and sweetly leaving
a message in lipstick
to be read by his eyes

She left him
to slow
his panicked heart
and give him some peace
her crimson note on silver shines

I left you
and Love you
Dear Poet,
do not fear,
I shall return to you, in good time

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24 Responses to Muse on Holiday….

  1. Dreamy! Love it, Eric. Obviously, your Muse has not left you! ❤

  2. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    This is really good! 😀

  3. Well at least she didn’t leave him to go shopping. Beautiful imagery.

  4. Geetha B says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Eric 🙂

  5. Again, breathless. 💋

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    Written so well. And you’ve created these wonderful images in each stanza. I agree with you, even the muse needs a holiday. It gives the poet/writer peace.

  7. Ms. Vee says:

    Beautiful flow and imagery Eric!

  8. moonskittles says:

    Oh Eric, how wondrous are your verses, how satisfying the places they take me.
    Be well my friend!
    ~ Dajena ❤

  9. Eric says:

    Thank you, Sweet Vic. Love you! ❤

  10. Oh, I love this whole thing! The idea, the images. (Fab title, too.) Well done, my friend. 💜

  11. jennyhayut says:

    love the imagery here Eric and so glad she shall return…one can never go without one’s muse for too long

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