I want to
inside your heart

I want to
through your eyes
when you look in the mirror

I want to be there
inside you
moving your lips
to say

“I love you”

to your heart

in your voice

I want to be
your arms

I want to wrap them
around you
and squeeze until
a smile bursts through your lips

I want you to know

that you are good enough
that you are loved
that you can be anything you want to be
that you are not defined
by any words that can be put on a page

that you are heroic
you are strong
you are smart
you are human
you make mistakes
you fail
but more than this
you are an important part of this universe

and when the time comes
that you will leave me…


without question…

I will miss you

About Eric

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32 Responses to Vacancy…

  1. rachel says:


  2. Oh, this! ❤ ❤ ❤ Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you. I’m sorry for the tears. There are so many people in this universe that don’t know how important they are. I wish I could make everyone see that they make a difference here, no matter how insignificant they believe they someone somewhere they matter.

  4. maharedwynn says:

    So beautiful and touching. You always find the most wonderful ways to express the way you feel!

  5. thebrunetteinthepinkscarf says:

    Breathtaking, Eric! 😀 Some hearts are more vacant than others in a way, but if people read these words every morning, perhaps they would begin believing them more. I hope they do! Great way to start the day, with a cup of coffee! I’m relishing this moment, for it will most likely be the best part of my day! 😀 Thank you, Eric!

  6. augustmacgregor says:

    A strong, giving spirit to pick up others and affirm their worth. You have a big heart, Eric, to write poetry of this and the other poems I’ve read on your blog.

  7. I have been following you for a while but have never posted. I have to today. These words, the way you used them…. Eric, thank you. I appreciate you and all your wonderful writing.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you so much for being here! I appreciate you letting me know that this spoke to you so deeply! I’m glad that it does. It’s the reason writer’s write. So by letting me know, you have done for me what this poem did for you…Thank you so very much!!

  8. Rita says:

    Oh, Bro had my daddy only said half of those words I may have ruled the world by the time I was sixteen. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Eric says:

    Thank you, Vic. 🙂 ❤ love you! I hope you have a great day!!!

  10. Really beautiful and uplifting.

  11. thefeatheredsleep says:

    VERY romantic. Most women (and men, and ducks, and cats) wish that a man would write something like this for them I am sure (even the gay ones) because it’s really a herald to the worth and appreciation, and romance is never really dead even when we think it is, something beautiful like this surprises us

  12. moonskittles says:

    Wants and wishes that woo a heart. Simply magnificent!
    ❤ 🌷

  13. jennyhayut says:

    ok…so because I just fell in love with this, I had to read it again and in doing so I’m reminded why I love poetry. Totally different meaning for me, just as beautiful though, the second time round. I picture Mother Nature within me reminding me your one voice, it’s important to me. It matters. And it will leave a footprint. Let it do it’s job. And when you leave this Earth, you will be missed….Just as powerful a message. Brilliantly yet simplistically done my friend. ❤

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Jenny.. You know? I had not seen it from that perspective..and it really does work that way too!!! that’s amazing! thank you for showing me a new side of this! 🙂 ❤

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