red-hibiscus-at-ocean-1024x768She stood at the rail, looking away from me
the blue in her eyes was the same as the sea
the storm that gathered in the western sky
was not the cause of her heart-shattering sigh

“I can’t stay here” She said with a plea-full voice
“I want to, believe me, but I just have no choice”
“just as your lungs can’t breathe the brine
the air where you live, doesn’t work well with mine”

and I sat with my back to the mainmast tall
and I wondered, could I bear to see her at all?
I sat with my face, looking out at the sea
I sat with her behind me, looking away from me

I imagined her there, as she leaned on the rail
imagined her beauty, pale skin like the sails
a hibiscus bloom tucked into her golden mane
her arms spread wide, supporting her preternatural frame

I imagined her lips, their dark burgundy hue
I imagined me smarter and knowing just what to do
she’d long since traded her scales for tears
and sold them to bargain for added on years

“I’ve found the embrace of the sea’s not so cold
as this top-sided hades where you live and grow old.
But I can stop that from happening, if you’ll just try to stand
and we’ll leave here together, if you’ll come take my hand”

I know I agreed with her, as I listened to her now
I wanted to leave here, but I wasn’t sure how
My heart and my mind, were ready to give chase
but my soul and my feet, were rooted in place

My life, it would seem, is anchored here
and though, it wouldn’t miss me, I’m halted by fear
a fear I’ve faced, in youth and with age
that I would be good enough, to be anyone’s first page

That I could be, the protagonist of anyone’s book
that I’d be heroic, both in manner and look
that I’d be decisive and take action with pride
that I’d get to my feet and go to her side

“You’ll have to leave that armor, if you’re coming with me
it rusts so terribly, made worse by the sea.
You really won’t need it, once we’re under the waves
I promise I’ll guard you, and you’ll be quite safe”

And there it was precisely, why I couldn’t leave
the thought of me not positioned behind breastplate or greave
the thought of my heart vulnerable to pistol or lance
the thought that death would take me, if given half a chance

I fought with all my fiber and made my muscles come to heel
though my stomach felt like lead and my arms they felt like steel
I turned myself around to look where she stood
but all I found was a hibiscus bloom, lying on weathered wood

and now you wonder if I kept it?
you wonder if I would?
you look at me and ask yourself, if anyone ever could?

Keep something so special, and frail as this tropical bloom
maybe inside a small locked chest, on a high shelf, inside his room
to sit upon his bunk on days, when the sun won’t hardly shine
and open the lid and look inside and remember when she was mine


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41 Responses to Oceanography…

  1. This is so relatable. It brought tears to my eyes. How often do we feel unworthy of living the we hope for? Beautifully written

  2. Elizabeth Helmich says:

    Waiting too long….stolen moments foregone. This one feels very different than your usual writing, eloquent, and beautiful as ever. How I hear that call to the sea…

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    This is excellent Eric. It makes me sad for him, hat he feels “rooted” on land but his love lives in the water. He could go with her but he won’t drop her ‘armour.’ This speaks to me both of him being ‘the knight in shiny armour’ but finding he can’t leave his protection behind, for his body, but especially his heart. His mermaid makes him to vulnerable so he can’t go away with her no let he do the defending. Great story. I really loved this one.

    Also nominated you for an award, whether or not you participate is up to you. Don’t feel as if you gave to. https://mandibelle16.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/award-epically-awesome-award/

  4. I love it! The longing, the loss, the fear of losing his defenses…. And the lure of the sea, so seductive and yet so intimidating. 💙

  5. Mr Modigliani says:

    I love all of this but the title Eric. Once again though, you have beautifully conveyed matters of the heart

  6. maharedwynn says:

    So much to this poem…. It’s a squeeze to the heart, for sure. Simply beautiful!

  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh, Eric. I feel this one so strongly. Goodness. I love the flow and rhyme of it too. Lends itself to the romance of the piece. ❤
    You made good on our agreement and now I'm behind! Eep!

  8. My got this piece is beyond perfect. I have no words to explain the vivid pictures you left in the canvas of my mind. Wow. Amazing

  9. Rita says:

    I can’t even tell you what I feel, Bro. It’s still swirling. Eric, you amaze me. I love you.

  10. Emily says:

    This is jaw-dropping. You have such a unique voice. An honor to read. ❤

    • Eric says:

      Thank you, Sweet Poetess! This is a compliment from a Queen, in all aspects. Your skill with a pen carries so much weight to your word. I appreciate it so much! ❤

  11. moonskittles says:

    I felt the waves rushing, the lure, the struggle.. all bottled up in a striking poem.
    Such a thrill! ❤

  12. Oh, nice, Eric. #mast ❤ So much here but this line… "I turned myself around to look where she stood but all I found was a hibiscus bloom, lying on weathered wood" Love it. Beautifully worded, perfectly placed.

  13. Reblogged this on INK AND QUILL and commented:
    I’m sure you know Eric from My Sword and Sheild! His words leave me speechless. Romantic, captivating and spellbinding!
    He weaves a magical tale.

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