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she, decided that today would be the day that the mountains bowed she, just as powerful as the force that drags the snow down from their rumpled beards she, who would reach out her hands and mold her world like … Continue reading

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there are pieces of broken hearts I can hear them feel them under my feet as I step through the muck and the mire through this black water as it slurries and sloshes around my waist like cold and clammy … Continue reading

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His voice when softest twilight draws her blue-hemmed dress across the glare of setting sun it drifted to her ear pressed flat upon a slivered crease the heady scent of plaster dust clings to stone like the days of history … Continue reading

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Audio   In this tome… This first edition epic… No dust jacket Title long since worn From the spine Chapter and verse Outlined and dog-eared feverish notes in the margins Gold-leafed page edges Still speak of paper cuts Of the … Continue reading

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Relics of the Heart 6…

Continuing with this series, I held off posting these. Since I had posted a few pieces that were pulling pretty hard at the heart strings….I’m starting to get closer and closer to who I believe this journal belongs to..and after … Continue reading

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Dragons into Driftwood…

Blades sharpened And blood oaths sworn They climbed aboard their Wooden sea dragons Sweet smoke curled From brazers pulled down To the surface of the fjord Whispers to the gods In ethereal voices Tracing patterns around oar and rudder Dawn’s … Continue reading

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Audio smooth stone burnt wax and black carbon votive candles flickering heartbeats trace ruby memories across quatrefoiled columns barrel-vaulted shadows hide muraled images rise and fall of emotions tragedy and comedy a Quadragenarian epic told within these granite halls reverent … Continue reading

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Her laughter was a rolling crystal cloud of sunshine and mirth and to hear its mellifluous timbre was to be at the doorstep of Dionysus

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Borne aloft upon the topaz fields of the ocean on Argo’s swift wings under the burning gaze of proud Jason sailors thrown against the heart of fear forging ever further into madness as the song of Beautiful Orpheus played above … Continue reading

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Epochs of Us – A Duet with Emily

Epochs of Us ~ A Duet – What an amazing opportunity it was to work with Emily on this poem about two souls finding each other over and over again across the ocean of time. She has a magnificent … Continue reading

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