Do Kryptonians cry?…

When my daughter comes to me and says, “Daddy, I got a new book about hair braids from the library and I want to braid my hair in a Viking braid. What do you think?”

I tell her, “Baby…you do whatever you want to do with your hair. There are plenty of things and people out there waiting to tell you what you can and can’t do with it…and trust me…you can still do whatever you want…but absolutely…do whatever you want!”

and when she smiles and runs off to her room and then comes back to show me these:


2016-05-14 21.47.2820160517_153119
I’m kind of jumping up and down like a little kid and saying, “Hell yeah! My little girl is a badass!”

and then my wife comes to me one evening and says:

“I want to tell you something. Sarah was so upset she cried all the way home from dance class.”

“why?” I asked

“Some of the girls at dancing decided to coordinate their outfits and they wanted to include Sarah but they have no way to get in touch with her. I think we need to consider letting her have a cellphone.”

“She’s 11….I don’t know…” I reasoned

“Eric, She’s responsible….she’s been around computers and email and chat stuff on the computer pretty much her whole life..and she’s never done anything inappropriate.”

I have to admit…if there is one thing neither of my kids have in interest in doing…it’s looking for trouble. They may get in to trouble…but they don’t seek out ways to cause trouble….

“Yeah…you’re right” I respond with a heavy sigh. (she is.)

So we look into it……and we find a reasonable phone…and we give it to her
and I talk to her…about all the messed up, fucked up things, other human beings can do to you when they have a direct connection to your life. I tell her how there are people out there, sick sick sick people, who get a thrill out of tormenting other people online. And I make her understand that she doesn’t take pictures of herself to send to ANYONE…she doesn’t talk to anyone about anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. and the minute someone says, “Don’t tell your parents but….” That is a huge red flag that she needs to get out of that conversation immediately. Just like my parents did, I pass on the warnings I can…try to outfit her like I should…and let her know I love her and she can tell me absolutely anything in the world…then I turn her loose into the vast world of technology and being in contact with her fellow humans…pretty much 24/7

This little girl is growing up so fast…and I believe she is going to be one hell of a woman. and it’s always my greatest wish that she understands just how much I love her, which I tell her multiple times a day EVERY day…and how beautiful I think she is, which I tell her at least twice a day (Once in my standard morning phone call to the house to check on everyone and at night..when I tuck her in).

I’m going to make sure that when she feels like no one else believes in her, I always will.

And any help I can lend her throughout her life, is immediately ready and standing by, at her word. (and will sometimes arrive before she can even ask)

So after turning over the phone to her. I got a few fun text messages. We put her picture as on my phone attached to her number..and I gave her a special message tone which is a sound effect from Star Trek (of course)…and for a couple of days I’ve been getting. “Hello Daddy!” and kissy face emojis. to which I always respond with, “Love you, Pretty Girl” and lots of heart emojis.

then I get this one yesterday, I think…I don’t even remember the day or the time…because it made my heart stop and my eyes fill up:

Screenshot_2016-06-02-18-05-35-1And I can tell you, I responded with, “yay.” because I could barely see to type.

I wear my superman t-shirt a lot. But it struck me this way:

If this young lady
feels like I have anything in common
with Kal-El, The Last Son of Krypton, The Man of Steel, Clark Kent, Superman
then I feel, though I am in no way even close to him, he and I may have similarities
I can not express how deeply it strikes my heart
that she draws that conclusion….

…and how much I feel that I have won this round of Life.

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72 Responses to Do Kryptonians cry?…

  1. Emily says:

    You are making me cry at the bar I’m eating lunch in. ❤ Love this so much and you and have to email you my thoughts later. 🙂

  2. That’s beautiful, Brother. 🙂
    (The braids are awesome, too!)

  3. rafsan musawver says:


  4. playfulkitten73 says:

    you are quite rightly proud of your little girl. that she is so proud of you too is beautiful and you deserve it! x

  5. Al Lane says:

    You’ve definitely won, and continue to win. Love this ❤

  6. Hi… I may be a stranger, but I had to tell you that this is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read. My daughter just asked me what I’m crying about… I told her “something wonderful.” She is only 8, but she “gets” me (possibly because she is my clone). By the way, my son is 11 and we are getting him a cell phone in the next few weeks. I do think it’s a bit different with boys, but I do have the same concerns. Sorry for the rambling!

  7. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Kinda wanted to cry in a really good way at this. Not only is your daughter SO beautiful and such a happy looking future-shield maiden, but she’s got your spirit I can just tell. What a wonder to have such a glory. Secondly, the story of Krypton is close to my heart, I remember the comic books and then going to the original film I was tiny and I cried and cried and kept thinking all through the night about it. I suspect many of our generation have. I like to be able to talk among others who were ‘there’ and felt as I did and also to read about your parenting and the future, it ties both the past and future together so well and makes me feel hopeful about it all. thank you my friend and I am so glad you have such a lovely family because truly you are blessed and that is the least I would wish for you and so much more. xo

    • thefeatheredsleep says:

      You may not be a saint but you come scarily close to being one of the nicest men I have had the honor to be friends with and I know your daughter is one lucky little girl to have a daddy like you.

  8. Siren's Musings says:

    Thank you for sharing. You are quite the superhero … SuperDad. SuperPoet. SuperFriend. ❤ P.S. My oldest got a phone at 13. My middle got his phone at 10 1/2. Age is NOT the measure that should be used. My 8 year old doesn't have his own phone yet, but he does have Instagram — and has more followers (approved by me) than his brothers and me put together.

  9. rachel says:

    my heart is in a puddle. ❤️

  10. maharedwynn says:

    Oh this is just precious! Every girl should feel like their Dad is Superman! You totally hit this out of the park and I swear I’m going to have trouble driving home for the sniffling. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. You are Ka-El from this day forward! Oh you must be brimming with emotion. What a beautiful thing the father-daughter bond is. I had a wonderful father, my first hero, too. Dads are the first line of defense in a cruel world. Our first loves, our touchstone by which we measure every man that comes after. Your daughter will be a remarkable woman – because her father (and her mother, too – no offense to Mrs. Eric!) prepared her well! I can’t “heart” this enough! ❤ x 10 to the power of infinity…

  12. Rita says:

    You already know exactly how wonderful I believe you are. You ARE Superman. You fly above the self to see the big picture and the impact of your decisions on the little lives looking to you for direction before acting or speaking out.

    Your love is the first line of defense they have. I love you, Clark

  13. Beautiful. Viking all the way Valhalla awaits us. lol

  14. Eric says:

    Thank you so much, Aishwarya. That means so much to me. Thank you for being here. Much love! 💙

  15. Eric says:

    I found it! And I love you, Vic. Thank you so much sweetheart. ❤❤❤

  16. What the hell, Eric? I have somewhere to go and you’ve made me cry. *sigh* Scary and beautiful, them growing up, huh? P.S. You are superman to your daughter…that is just… ❤️

    P.P.S. Awesome braids.

  17. mandibelle16 says:

    Thank you for sharing. You have a lovely daughter and it seems like you all get along well. I’m glad you can trust her to have a cellphone. Even for me I think an 11-year-old has a cellphone. I got my first one at age 17 for a grad present but cell phones were only new then for everyone to have. But I think yeah, you need for her to be able to keep in touch with you and her friends. Nice story.

  18. I starred this twice my eyes were so wet. Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful story and one that all parents can relate to. It’s so hard to let them grow up and take new steps because we know what lurks out there but we know we have to do it. You are a wonderful parent Eric and it shows with every story you tell. There is no greater gift to our children than feeling safe and unconditionally loved. Nicely done.

  19. Eric, I realized my comments didn’t show up from this morning on certain posts. I came back to make sure they showed up here. I don’t see it.
    I commented on how beautiful the bond you two have. When I read your words about her I feel your love for pumping through my veins. It’s beautiful.. Not all kids have this type of relationship. She is absolutely gorgeous too. ❤️

  20. Aww this is pure sweetness

  21. Eric says:

    Thank you, Sweet Lady. So much love to you. 💙💙💙

  22. BlinkParadox says:

    This really tugged on the heart strings. clearly I don’t know you, but I’m a fan now, I can tell what a beautiful family y’all are. Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful, and rare. Not a lot of people or families like this nowadays.

  23. moonskittles says:

    Choking in tears of happiness for you Eric! I am and will always be daddy’s girl! Yes, she is your Achilles’s heel for sure! ❤

  24. Oh, every little girl should have a Superman daddy. You must be doing something right!

  25. Jane says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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